Hello beautiful people.

This week, buzzfeed shared a nice piece (Link at the bottom of this post) about women that went viral faster than bad news.

It’s plenty interesting to see how beauty was viewed in different periods of history and how it’s viewed today. The differences are sometimes shockingly big. Each one of us might have a different preference of a specific period’s view of women’s ideal body types, and yet…

Yet, the point is this – What is “Women’s ideal body type”? Ideal to who? Defined by who? And for the love of god, why do women (or anyone) need to have an ideal?

If you believe in the biblical God, surely you believe that we were created in his image. Having said that, how can any of us be prettier than God?

If you don’t believe in the biblical (or any kind) of God, but are at the very least at an age where you understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then…

Let me add this – Should any woman even care whether I think she is pretty or not? To me the question is rhetorical.

How many more girls, women of all ages should we oppress with these fantastical expectations? What gives us the right? And in this day and age, why for Christ’s sake do the media play along (another rhetorical question)?

And we didn’t even touch on the fact that beauty is 99% on the inside…

So, people. Don’t pay any attention to society’s idea of “ideal body type” or any of these nonsense…

Of course, feel free to comment, like and share the beauty 😉

P.S. LOOK WHAT I FOUND. Another example of this crap…

And ANOTHER great article on the same neighborhood…

And yet another link to a really powerful imagery on the topic. Highly recommended!

Here’s the LINK to the Buzzfeed post.

Until next time,

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