Welcome ladies and gentlemen.

Let me spend this paragraph warning as clearly as possible, that this post contain MAJOR SPOILERS for House of cards – season 3. If you’re like me (i.e. big fan of this series) you’ve likely already binge watched this season, but for the rest of you folks – if you did not watch it – this post WILL SPOIL things for you. One more time – SPOILER alert issued.

Ok, I hope that if you’ve read so far, it is safe to talk about this season freely.

I’ve watched the British version of The house of cards before watching the first episode of the American one. I would say this – though the British version is excellent, the first 2 seasons of the American one were on par. That’s why I was both excited about and a little concerned about season three which was released by Netflix this last Friday.

Let me say this clearly. I could watch Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright for another 10 seasons and still enjoy their acting. Though President Underwood is an admittedly certifiable asshole, he’s one hell of a TV personality. The problem is not the actors. It’s a really good cast.

No, the problem is this.

The first two seasons were building up nicely to a satisfying climax. About 3/4 of the third continued on that path. Then came the last couple of episodes where a suspicion started creeping up on me that a climax was not coming. I was starting to fear a “Dexter”, if you know what I mean…

Then during the very last episode of the season I realized that we’re not going to get a Dexter type ani-climax… We are not getting a climax at all… Yes friends, looks like Netflix have seen the ratings, heard the critics and… decided not to conclude this in three seasons.

I have to say that in doing so, they kind of spoiled it a little.

I could be wrong of course. In fact I really hope I am wrong. But judging by the developments in season 3 and the end of its last episode, I really think that they wasted a really good build up.

So, expect more Spacey and Wright on your screens. I just hope that the writers will come up with something spectacular for season number 4. Because unless it’s spectacular, it would just feel like an unnecessary delay of what we all know is the inevitable. In short, season 4 would determine whether season 3 was indeed a spoiler.

That’s all for now.

What did you think of the season? Feel free to comment down here, like or share.

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