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Did you guys settle down after Ronda Rousey’s latest title defense? Then saddle up! Cause we’re about to get a main event which includes a guy called “Showtime”, and another person who finished Ben Henderson. Just before this, in the co main, we will have another title fight with two talented ladies (and hopefully 184 showed you these ladies can rumble). Let’s start predicting the results of UFC 185 coming up this Saturday, March 14th on PPV. (All credits go to UFC/Zuffa for all photos.) We ride!


 Chris Cariaso by UD


Alistair Overeem by TKO


Johny Hendricks by TKO


Carla Esparza by UD

and now! the moment millions of MMA fans have been waiting for, from Dallas Texas! This is the main event of the evening!


Anthony Pettis by TKO

Don’t forget to get back here by Monday morning for the after MMAth!

And of course, don’t forget to watch UFC 185 on PPV – This Saturday, March 14th!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-t’s TIME!

The Morning After:

Oh boy was I WAY off target on this one 🙂 Let’s review how miserably I’ve done and say a few words about each of my shortcomings…

1. Ok, so I went with the known. Did not know Cejudo until last night and well… have been sleeping on a pretty solid fighter who will present a very big problem to any opponent he’ll face. Cejudo’s wrestling is WAY up there, above anyone in his weight class. He has the strength and seems to have enough stamina (well, duh… gold medalist wrestler) to go the distance if necessary. 0 for 1.

2. I was thinking TKO for Overeem and assumed (correctly) that he’d attack the body with vicious knees and kicks, which he executed perfectly. Any lesser man would have been broken after that first round. But this is Big Country we’re talking about, and the man has a heart of a lion! I’m giving myself the full point just because it’s Roy 🙂 1 for 2.

3. He was close twice. Two lefts have landed flush on Browns chin but with less power than we’re used to. Either way, it seems like Johny learned a thing or two from GSP (we will get back to that later), especially not to open himself up with reckless abandon. He completely nullified Brown’s striking and mauled him all over the cage. If Brown hadn’t grabbed the cage twice in key moments (once just before being rag-dolled) and Johny’s shorts on other occasions… Dana White was “not impressed”. Oh well. One does not simply finishes Matt Brown. 1.5 for 3.

4. Ok, no excuses. I do not know this division well enough. Picked Carla for her wrestling but man oh man, is Joanna a scary scary fighter. I’m tempted to say that with the TD defense we saw from her – and against arguably the best wrestler in that division – and striking that is nothing short of phenomenal… A 115 lb Rousey?… 1.5 for 4.

5. Please say it with me – FIGHT.OF.THE.YEAR! Wow. Wow and once again WOW! I gave it to Pettis because I thought his striking was superior. I knew that Dos Anjos had it in him to win though. But what I (or, I suspect, anyone other than RDA’s camp) did not expect was how one sided, decisive and impressive his win would be. Hats off to what I consider one of the most title wins in UFC history. No less. Let’s talk for a second about GSP. People criticized him for not going “all out” in title defenses. I used to respond to that with the argument that it’s up to the challenger to bring it to the champ. It’s the challenger’s fight to win and the champ’s to lose. Well, Rafael Dos Anjos, your NEW LW champion did exactly that. He brought the fight to Pettis. RDA is now only second to Cerrone as my favorite LW 🙂 1.5 for 5 😦

See you just before UFC 186 when I’d do my damnedest to predict over 50% 🙂

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