I only do predictions for the PPVs, so with UFC fight night coming up tomorrow, I’d like to share this nice list of MMA/UFC related sites.
I’ll mention Chael Sonnen’s podcast as a source of some fun, as well as a recommendation of Joe Rogan’s podcast which may not be all about MMA but I find evry interesting! See you Soon!

Weekly MMA News

Top 10 MMA News Sites

1. MMA Fighting

MMA Fighting has great articles and content with exclusive interviews alongside MMA reporter of the year Ariel Helwani. This is one of the best UFC/MMA sites around and should be checked out for their video interviews with fighters.

2. Sherdog

Sherdog has great, insightful writers who give great coverage of all the fights and fighters in MMA. They feature great preview on UFC’s biggest PPVs and have live analysis after every round. Check out their post fighter reports and tally of all the strikes and takedowns by each fighter including fight of the night bonuses and other KO bonuses.

3. MMA Junkie

MMA Junkie has a clean and easy to navigate layout that has radio podcasts on MMA headlines as well as fight videos, live events, fighter rankings and forums for MMA fans to discuss their favorite fighters and judges decisions.

4. SB Nation Bloody Elbow


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