Hello ladies and gents, welcome back.

In recent weeks I’ve done a bit of reblogging. I shared some nice posts (see references below) I found on WordPress while busying myself with some important everyday life tasks, on top of plotting my next book.

Since my attention span is often likened to – hey here’s a butterfly – what was I saying? I wasn’t able to really concentrate on anything much other than the aforementioned occupations. But, while humming in the shower today, I remembered an idea that keeps popping into my head every now and then and I thought it’d justify dedicating a post to it.

You guys know I fell in love with a band called Muse, remember? Well, seems like the “hard-core fan base” is worried. Why? Because of recent albums that were perceived by certain individuals as “not the real Muse”.

Well, you know the drill.

It normally follows these next 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Anonymity

Why is no one listening to this band? These guys are geniuses! Why is the mainstream media ignoring them? Why don’t they get played on the radio? Why is MTV so full of shit and not one clip from this band? What a world we live in where a band that good can’t break into mainstream media!

Phase 2 – Selling out

Holy shit, ever since that album, this band is played on every radio station, gets a special on MTV, every Tom, Dick and Harry owns their latest CD. YOU SOLD OUT! Why can’t they go back to their roots???

Phase 3 – Recycled shit

O. M. G. did you hear that piece of crap album this band just released? Excuse me but I have to puke. That’s so 2007. These guys just recycle riffs. What a bunch of losers!

Often, as is the case of Muse, there’s an additional phase I like to call Phase 2b – The experimental phase. Where the band dares stray an inch from their marque chord progression, which in turn sends a legion of teenage girls into a frenzy. That normally leads to the inevitable phase 3 described above.

That cycle applies to pretty much every band that grew from the garage and up. Honorable mentions to Metallica, Green Day, Red hot chili peppers, Foo Fighters and the list goes on and on.

Excuse me but never has a nickname been so misplaced as “hard-core fans”. To me, that sounds more like whiny spoiled brats.

In the case of Muse, it’s even  more irritating, since the Albums that are considered “Selling out” and “Experimental” are likely the bands most important pieces of recordings. “The Resistance” and “Drones” (Which wasn’t even released yet! Yes, it’s that pathetic).

Two concept albums that actually SAY something about life. and that, ladies and gentlemen constitutes “Selling out“. What’s the world coming to?

Here end rant.

Muse’s “Drones” hit stores on June 9th, 2015 and you better get on the bandwagon now. Just cause I’m nice, let me save you the google-ing. Here are the first three singles released from what promises to be a kick ass, no holds barred album:

And as promised, links to these nice posts I reblogged recently, in case you missed them. They’re really good:

As usual, feel free to leave a comment, like and/or share this post with the rest of the blogosphere. Who knows? Maybe one day my blog will be popular enough to be accused of “Selling out!“.

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