Welcome back, Ladies, Gents of all genders and orientations.

In today’s post I will do my utmost best not to piss everyone off too much… I urge you to read through to the end before you form an opinion, as some of this may sound bad. It may sound bad due to years of conflicting and maliciously false messages, so let’s take a deep breath and dive in.

This week, the supreme court of the United States of America said loud and clear – Gay couples can get married throughout the land. Period.

Mere seconds later, the internet imploded in all the colors of the rainbow. Facebook profile pictures, banners, posts of varying levels of gloating and humor were shared, speeches in all media outlets. A big celebration.

As if… As if something significant actually happened…

Let me ask you this – Did something happen? Something to make homosexuality more acceptable by the masses? DID love win?

From where I’m sitting, I saw an institution of the state “handing” a right to a sector of the population, in the biggest democracy on earth.

This brings me to the question of rights. See, I don’t recognize people, any people, as an entity who “gives” rights to other people. Not the supreme court, not the president or the pope. In my little world, rights are not given, they simply are – rights. You, me, we’re born as part of man kind and we’re entitled to every God-given right (and you can change the word “God” based on your belief or lack thereof – it’s not a religious discussion).

But Gil, we live in a society with rights and duties. One doesn’t come without the other. That would be anarchy.

OK. But in democracy – and last time I checked, the USA is a democracy – the people rule. The people tell the elected representative what they want their society to look like. And that includes mainly – duties. Not rights. Cause rights are unlimited except by these compromises we call “the law“.

This is the distinction I wanted to make before we move forward. We do not tell our representatives what rights we want. We should already have every right. We tell our representatives what limitations we’re willing to accept in order for the society to live happily ever after. We tell them we might be willing to pay some tax in order to allow civil services, or that we may be willing to limit the speed we’re allowed to drive on the road in the name of safety etc. We’re not asking the representatives to allow us to choose who to marry…

In other words – we do not need permission to exercise our rights. In the US there’s also this thing called the constitution which was put in place to ensure some of the basic ones never get trampled on.

So, excuse me if I am:

  1. Not impressed by the supreme court’s decision to “give” what should have already been a-given.
  2. Not impressed by the festival of lights that followed.

Now, we know that the LGBT movement is a powerful and popular one (and growing). It shares some characteristics with the Feminist movement, but one thing they both have in common may not be playing in their (or indeed anyone’s) favor…

By identifying themselves as a movement (call it LGBT, Feminism, vegetarianism or whatever), they may be unknowingly and without intent, helping the divide in the population.

Before my sentence is declared, allow me please to continue by reminding you of what I wrote above. These are movements who demand rights. Rights that by all rights should be A GIVEN. because this is a democracy.

Now we know that even in a democracy such as the US one, there’s room for improvement. But is this the way to go about it? By creating multiple lobbies for multiple causes? Should we not, instead of splitting and dividing, ditch this separatist path and simply ask for democracy? Cause, guess what.

While one such movement – seemingly – makes progress, there are multiple other sectors being ignored (if not downright trampled). While we celebrate the rainbow of equality, are there no poor people losing everything they own? Are there no people falling deeper into despair for completely different reasons other than gender, orientation?

Does our tendency to focus on one group of people, one topic, one flavor of our life not do us a disservice?

Does it serve anyone else?

Feel free to share this, and by all means, let me know what you think.

Until next time,

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