Hello there fellow web-surfers,

Sometimes I cannot stop the stream of ideas that jump at me every waking moment (and a little during sleep) and sometimes… well, sometimes I can stare at the wall and wonder how uninspiring life can be. Such is this week. A lot happens all over the world that I can certainly write a few words about, but I’ll be damned if I care to. I did actually write THIS, but other than that I find it quite boring to be honest. All the drama around this or that. So much drama.

So, in times like these, In order to keep the writer-ly juices flowing, I sit down and pour a stream of seemingly unconscious words onto the page. Do they always make sense? One can argue they don’t. I’d argue that – besides stimulating the brain – these words can later be used to find inspiration. As everyone who ever told people that they wrote can testify, the most frequent question we get is “How do you get ideas?” Well, this is one of many ways.

Turn the corner when you’re ready, not before, as you’d hit a wall. A brick wall. Made of memories and aspirations. Once you make the turn keep going, full speed ahead to your new destination. No need to declare anything at customs, no need for a passport here. Just go. The next turn you make is when you hit the next wall. Walls are strong but not unbreakable, they’re made of bricks and mortar jammed together like we are. The bricks of memory didn’t ask to be jammed with the bricks of aspirations. The architect must have been drunk. Too high on inspiration, he cobbled up a plan. So if you want to break that wall, You should expect to shatter dreams and decipher pictures instilled in your mind. You may do so, but be prepared for what they mean. Otherwise, turn the corner and keep going, until you’re ready to break a wall. Once it’s broken you’re on your own. You must cross it in order to make a leap into another path, and guess what… you’d hit another one eventually and have to choose again. Turn the corner or break another wall. The bricks don’t care and why should they? after all they’re just ideas, images, thoughts. Only you should care as you’re the one who sees and dreams them. Proceed with caution. Or don’t.

That is all for today. Happy 4th of July America. See you soon.

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