Hi everyone,

Long time again, and all I can tell you is… I’m plotting. Yes, I’m conspiring to write a new book, while the all-but-finished one is looking for publication. That takes up a lot of the little free time I have, hence, a little slowness on this here blog.

That been said, let’s get to today’s discussion.

An amazing video circulated over the internet recently and when I watched it, an old sentiment was awakened in me. Here’s the video. We’ll talk after you watch:

So heart-warming to see people not standing around watching an animal die, but making every effort to save it. I applaud these folks at cape cod.

That got me thinking again about the movie “Jaws” and how, a really good movie, inadvertently helped brand the shark the way it was.

Most people are afraid of sharks. Most people won’t jump in shark infested water. Nor should they. Sharks are extremely dangerous. They’re very capable of injuring or even killing a man with relative ease.

The term “Shark” was used for a long time to describe a sharp, capable, relentless businessman. It even had its own reality show – “Shark Tank“. Like the image of the shark, these guys are cool, ruthless, capable and focused on their goal. What an interesting nickname.

I always thought Sharks weren’t that bad. It’s like Jessica Rabbit said.


So I decided to look up some statistics, and lo and behold, it turns out that they aren’t. Well, they are far behind the real dangers on our little planet.

Here’s a diagram (Credit: http://www.who.int) that describes the top 10 causes of death (fatalities per year):


I’d like to note that the term “Sharks” is definitely absent from this list.

Let us continue.

Did you know that every year, 7.6 Million (That’s seven million and six hundred thousand) kids UNDER THE AGE OF 5 – die of hunger? This is a number from 2010 which was a vast improvement over the average of the 1990s‘ – which was over 12 millions!

Ever wonder how many people die of war? The Smithsonian reported the below:


Wow, how lucky were we on 2001… “only” about 50,000 seemed to have perished by the hands of our military forces

Homicide – About 500,000 people per year, worldwide.

Now let’s get back to the dreadful sharks. How many people have been killed by a non-provoked attack by a shark (Cause when you DO provoke a shark, perhaps you’re inviting the wrong kind of insta-karma…)?

The average is “between 6 and 7“. Annually. 2899 unprovoked attacks in 434 years.

Now, we don’t exactly know everything that qualifies as “provocation” to a Shark. Here’s an example from recent days, where a surfer didn’t do anything other than wait for the wave to come. But perhaps the shark was hungry and saw lunch? Don’t we go and get “a bite to eat” when we’re hungry?…

If we look at the leading causes of death worldwide, we can very generally say that they all relate to – men, and the consequences of mankind’s abuse of the planet, its resources, even our own bodies.

Perhaps we shouldn’t call businessmen “Sharks”. After all, Sharks normally cause harm to others only when provoked…

Next time you’re at the beach and a terrifying Shark gets stranded – you know what to do!

As usual, feel free to comment (I don’t bite. hard), like and share. It’s time the shark stop suffering from such bad press…

Until next time, be safe out there!

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