Welcome back everybody,

A short-ish post this week, after last week’s long-winded discussion.

I used to consider myself a socialist. Used to. Past tense. That was up to a few years ago and for the right reasons. I thought it was the best system available when you consider the piggishness, aggressiveness and chauvinism of capitalism as well as the inherent flaws of communism (namely the fact that we’re talking about a human society).

Socialism was a nice little balancing act between the freedom to pursue happiness and financial success on the one hand, and the responsibility of a country (by its proxy – the government) to take care of the less fortunate.

Leaving aside – for the time being – the issue of it being a system and as such an open invitation for exploitation, there is another problem, and that is… these are all systems that seem to put forth a structure for a society.

After much consideration, I decided that these don’t work for me.

That is not to say I give up and stop being a part of society. It simply comes to state that I am somewhat of an anti-social individual. Not in the “Get off of my lawn!” kind of way. It is my belief (and I’m well aware that it may be flawed) that systems that aim to put forth a structure for a society are bound to fail.

Society is too big. The bigger it is, the less chances any system – be it socialism, capitalism, communism or any ism – would work. At least not in any fair way.

That goes also for other aspects of life.

There’s a nice little adage that goes something like “Put ten Israelis in a room and you get a 100 opinions.”

How can society feel any sense of unity or shared purpose, having millions of people, each with different life experiences, backgrounds and upbringing? I know the answer, but I don’t like it… it’s possible when you have a common enemy.

Well, that is one sick society…

Homo Sapiens might be the peak of evolution – though I’m not entirely sold on that one just yet – but we are still part of the Animalia kingdom. Show me another species that flock in the millions (and don’t say bees until we figure out how they do it). We aren’t supposed to be loners, but I suspect we’re also not supposed to live in such huge masses.

We’re all raised to be contributing members to society. Prisoners get paroled when they’re deemed fit to re-join society.

I’d say we should be living in communities. And I don’t mean a gated neighborhood with home owner association taxes. I mean communities who can provide support to each other. Communities that may support themselves I dare say… communities that don’t need laws, because guess what – they care about their well-being. Communities that don’t need politicians to tell them what’s good for them.

These are the bare-bones of my current ism. It’s one that empowers the people and doesn’t rely on others. I don’t know how feasible it is, considering the direction mankind took and the pace we moved in that direction. I also don’t know for sure how well it would work, but I believe it would be far more in tune with who and what we are.

Just consider cultures who survived thousands of years without joining the rest of society. In Africa, parts of the middle east (the quieter, less reported on parts) and even new attempts to create these communities, especially in Scandinavia.

It could work, I tells ya!

And until next time, feel free to join this community and share, comment and like.

P.S. Look at what popped up on my Facbook Wall. Pretty funny huh?

Another perspective about Socialism right HERE.

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