Welcome everyone,

I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m somewhat insomniac. Which is a shame really, considering how much I love to sleep. It used to be far worse in the past (including going 48 hours without sleep on a pretty regular basis), but still, I don’t sleep as well as I’d like to. Work in progress.

I guess this can partially be attributed to me, religiously staying away from some topics that – for the lack of a better term – bore the hell out of me…

Here are 5 topics which can put me to sleep in a heartbeat:

sportscarCars – I am well aware of the importance of these machines. They move people and goods from one point to another in relative speed and help us be more “productive“. Putting aside pollution, accidents and some really bad habits for the moment, I yawn violently at the mention of cars as a subject of discussion (I do feel my eyelids get heavy as I type this). People talk about horse power, and torque and number of cylinders as well as some other parts of the machine’s decoration with such reverence. With awe. For me it was always about the functionality… sorry. If the car can move me from point A to point B without breaking down, why should I care about anything else?… “But she’s such a beauty” I’ve heard some people say… well, no. First of all it has no gender and second… I don’t hear half as many of these exclamations about their wives… My wife is a beauty. My car gets me to work. Thank you, drive through.


Baseball – Sorry America… I still have a problem thinking of this as “sport“. From what I’ve seen, it’s all about standing around watching paint dry… yeah, every so often someone would hit a white ball really far and then there would be some… I guess you can call it “running” and hot dogs. Mostly hot dogs. Yeah, excuse me but if Charles Barkley could run for 40 minutes each game, these guys can maybe put in some more effort? Well, I don’t fully understand that game, but I do believe I’d break more sweat solving a Sudoku… No amount of statistics can make this thing more exciting than the occasional car talk for me… A no hit.

fashionFashion – I have no passion for fashion. I won’t go deep into the impact of fashion on our society, self-image and other worthy aspects surrounding this topic. As a topic of discussion, fashion just bores me to no end. Sizes, prices, tags and designers… who wears what and when… I wear clothes so I can appear not-nude and talk about things that do interest me.

stocksThe stock market
– Perhaps the most boring of them all. Why did this stock go up or down and by how much? Sell high, buy low, money, wall street…. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Would you mind passing over the cheese grater so I can remove an inch off of my calf? That sounds like a far more enjoyable thing to do.








Vegas – You know the expression. “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas“. For a damn good reason – I DON’T GIVE A SHIT about what happened in Vegas. It likely involved gambling, hookers and drinking. I don’t gable or see hookers, and I don’t need to fly for miles for a drink. The flashy lights do nothing for me. The grandeur is fake and represents all that is EVIL in this world. Check please.

That’s about all I could write about these topics without actually falling asleep.

Thoughts? Interesting topics? Things that bore you? Feel free to leave a comment.

Until next time then,

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