It was probably somewhere around the time Kurt Cobain died when I decided to actually listen to a Neil Young song. As many other artists who I’ve ignored for the longest time (whether for lack of interest, wrong perception, ignorance or all of the above), Neil just “didn’t do it for me”.

Then he goes and writes “Sleeps With Angels“, and because it has to do with someone I was somewhat obsessing with, I decided to give Neil a chance.

It was “Mirror Ball” that did the trick, and like with every musician I suddenly discover, I went back. Way back to the beginning, to fall in love.

Neil Young celebrates 70 and I think it’s high time we pay homage to that man on this here blog.

So, with no further ado

My top 10 favorite Neil Young songs:

10. Rocking In The Free World

9. Down By The River

8. Heart Of Gold

7. Helpless

6. Southern Man

5. Cinnamon Girl

4. Harvest Moon

3. Needle And The Damage Done

2. Old Man

1. Hey Hey, My My (Out of the blue)

I guess “the damage was done” when the proverbial needle touched a Neil Young record for the first time at my place. That, following a death – caused  in a way – by another needle…

Happy Birthday Neil Young.

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