Hello interwebs,

I just figured that, trying to sum this whole weekend up in one post would not only be too much for one post, it would also be too much to process.

So what you get instead, are small installments for each leg of this fight marathon.

Keep in mind, that these little tidbits all relate to this one prediction post.

We roll:

Elias Theodorou Vs. Thiago Santos

Yup, I was riding the hype train on this one. and I still have a lot of faith in Elias. He’s young and still have time to work on whatever needs improvement. To be frank, I thought the first round was perfect. Keeping the distance with an unusual volume of kicks, some of which hurt Santos, who looked tentative (to say the least). Second round rolls in and… surprise… Elias chooses to clinch against the cage and work for a TD (which he only gets temporarily and at the tail end of the round, after taking some good shots from Santos). The third is where I was a little disappointed… instead of trying something else, Elias went back to the same game plan which proved inefficient in the second and quite predictably – lost the round and the fight. Two of the judges scored the fight 29-27 Santos which implied he had a 10-8 round… As much criticism as I have for Elias last night, I did not see a complete domination on any of the rounds… Oh well… 0 for 1 on my predictions.

Sage Northcutt Vs. Cody Pfister

Yup, the hype train again. But this time with every reason to jump aboard. The first round was interesting, in that “Super Sage” was caught with a perfect TD and though Pfister was able to pass to half guard and even land one or two strikes, he didn’t do much from the top position. After the ref stood the fighters up (in what set the internet on fire, for some odd reason), Sage scored a TD of his own, easily passed guard, landed better Ground and Pound than Pfister could with his dominant position and even applied a submission attempt a few seconds before the horn. And off to the second we go. In which Sage simply took advantage of Pfister’s eagerness to derail his hype train. He grabbed a recklessly exposed neck and cranked on it to submit the hopeful opponent. Now interwebs, let’s ask – what did we learn? Yes, Super Sage can be taken down. He can also defend himself pretty damn well on his back. We learned that he can take a few strikes with stride and reverse the situation. Is he perfect? Far from it. Is he going to be the next big thing? I don’t know. What I do know is that he’s trained by Firas Zahabi. I know he’s young and has a really positive attitude. I guess we know that he has the potential to be a great fighter. Hype train on track. Next stop?… 1 for 2 for the evening.

Jim Miller Vs. Michael Chiesa

One of my sentimental picks. What can I say? I’m a sucker for old school scrappers, and Jim Miller is one of these guys. High skill on the mat, power in both hands and a heart of a lion. The fact that Chiesa was able to finish him, and with a submission to boot, speaks volumes to his credit (Chiesa’s). I only have good words to say about Chiesa and can’t wait to see him face top-level LWs next time around. 1 for 3… en route to a disastrous prediction night…

Paige Vanzant Vs. Rose Namajunas

The night was centered around this fight because, let’s face it. Paige is a very pretty girl who likes to fight. If Dana can only get her to wear a championship belt, he’d be able to overcome the devastation caused earlier this year by Holly Holm. Most of us (admit it folks) fell for this and for some odd reason, Paige came into this fight as the favorite, even though it was Rose who already fought for the belt. There’s no mincing words here gentlemen. Rose completely and thoroughly dominated every second of this fight on her way to a submission victory. I can sing her praise for an hour for a phenomenal performance, but the result speaks for itself. Instead, let’s ask ourselves again – hype train derailed? I say no. I say, the hype train took a detour and will be delayed indefinitely. Because, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that Paige showed us one thing, and this cannot be overstated. Paige has the heart, the physical and mental strength to be a great fighter. She also has time on her side. Very young. With the right coaching and positive attitude, perhaps we can jump aboard this train as it rolls back on the track. Rose, a pretty lady in her own rights will likely face Joanna next and I’m not sure yesterday’s fight is the right one to look at for an early indication. It’s a whole different can of worms. Especially on the striking department. 1 for 4

Oh my god… thank you Super Sage  for preventing a complete disaster (prediction-wise).

All in all it was a very interesting main card and an educating one.

Another card tonight! Don’t blink!

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