Hi there, how are ya?

This week was my annual “Flu week“. Every year I have one, where my nose is shut and “Energy” becomes a foreign term. My mom, in her wisdom used to tell me that to get over a flu, it takes a week with medication, or seven days without. You should listen to your moms is all I’m saying.

I don’t take medications. My wife is my doctor and I’m following her orders (almost) to the dot. I find that if I do that, things tend to go in the right direction. You should also listen to my wife, is all I’m saying.

My own state of affairs aside, it got me thinking about illness and health, remedies and aggravating factors. I’ve also heard people talk about their health issues and in many cases, the cost of treatment. Insurance coverage varies, and people pay stupendous amounts of money to heal the damage they’ve caused to their bodies.

On a whole ‘nother level, is the health of society and indeed, that of the world.

You may think that if it costs so much to treat one individual, it may very well be too expensive to heal the world. What plan will cover such a grave state of health?

I’m here to remind you that we already have (or rather had) a doctor who had the solution. A doctor who pointed at the most reasonable remedy. A doctor who was loved by many, and is still revered by many more, including yours truly.

We had doctor Martin Luther King Jr. may god bless his soul.

Well, we’ve lost the man, which is extremely unfortunate, but we’d all be a bunch of criminals if we allowed his message to be lost.

Tomorrow, Martin Luther King Jr. day is just one more opportunity for us to refresh our memory, and to teach Dr. King’s remedies to our kids. We must all understand, and start practicing these critical lessons so there might be a chance – slim as it may be – for humanity to heal.

Because we are – whether we’d like to admit it or not – sick. We’re plagued with wars and hatred, bigotry and racism, sexism and other really nasty isms.

And just like infectious diseases are a result of negligence, and others a result of poor diet and other habits, so are our illnesses. A result of our own doing. Or lack thereof.

I’d like to close this by sharing a few quotes from the late and great Dr. King. Free of charge. Fully covered by our amazing health plan:

And in case you forgot, Dr. King had a dream:

Today, I’ll drink to our health. 

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