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It’s somewhat symbolic that this UFC 200 AfterMMAth post comes out on the 5th anniversary of the first centennial event – UFC 100. We’ve talked about the comparison between the two before the final card of 200 took final shape. It was, and still is an unfair comparison but it is interesting that on 200 we had a few UFC100 returns, Brock Lesnar being the obvious. But let’s not forget Jim Miller who fought in 100 and the fight that never happened, featured Jon Jones, another UFC100 card member.
This post will cover three events (and a whole lot of predictions) so excuse me if I breeze through a few to concentrate on the more important ones in the bigger scheme of things.

Let’s roll!

UFC Fight Night:

  • Joe Duffy Vs. Mitch Clarke – Nice finish for Duffy. 1 for 1.
  • Alan Jouban Vs. Belal Muhammad – All I can say is WOW. The fact this fight went to decision is solely due to Muhammad’s diamond made chin. He absorbed an incredible amount of damage and kept coming for more. Good fight. 2 for 2.
  • Roy Nelson Vs. Derrick Lewis – Well, I still find it funny that the judges gave this fight to Lewis, who spent the majority of the fight on his back. But ok. Not losing sleep over this. let’s move on. 2 for 3.
  • Rafael Dos Anjos Vs. Eddie Alvarez – I’m almost speechless. Let alone the fact that I was wrong on my prediction, this fight went completely differently from I expected. This is to say – what a phenomenal work put in by Alvarez. Not taking anything away from Dos Anjos who’s still just a great fighter, but Eddie came in ready. Knew what he wanted to do and went for it. He put Rafael on the defensive and did not let up until a first round finish gave him the belt. Eddie reminds me a lot of another current champion – Robbie Lawler. Hard working, aggressive and Humble after the win. We will give Eddie another shout out very soon in this post. 2 for 4.

The Ultimate Fighter Finale:

  • Joaquim Silva Vs. Andrew Holbrook – A finish is a finish and I was wrong. So… wrong. 2 for 5.
  • Doo Ho Choi Vs. Thiago Tavares – I did not follow Doo Ho Choi before and… I will follow him now… what a banger! 2 for 6.
  • Ross Pearson Vs. Will Brooks – I am not imprezz with your performance ill Will… He had a game plan and followed it. Good for him. After the fight he calls out… Eddie Alvarez?… Really? Does Will seriously consider this a good time to call out a guy who gave one of the performances of the year? In a stacked division like 155?… I think not. 2 for 7.
  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk Vs. Claudia Gadelha – And Still! my disastrous night of prediction continues as I completely tank this event. Not sad by the result, mind you. I love watching JJ fight. This was based on a hunch, which proved to be (surprise, surprise) wrong. Claudia wanted to end this fight as early as possible and did a great job in the first 2. Brian Stann with another stellar performance on the commentator mic compared her, very aptly, to Dominick Cruz when it comes to movement, pace and fitness. A good complement for Dominick. Joanna wanted the exact opposite of Claudia, and after negating her early advantage, she took over, as usual in the 3rd and onward to win. Very interesting to see who’s next for both ladies. a miserable 2 for 8.

UFC 200:

  • Jim Miller Vs. Takanori Gomi – Two veterans go in to the octagon, Miller ending Gomi in a violent fashion. Old school Miller. Love this guy! 3 for 9.
  • Gegard Mousasi Vs. Thiago Santos – Gegard Mousasi has so much talent. You’re never sure what you’re going to see from him, and it’s not always great. For UFC200 we got Mousasi as good as it gets. A really well-rounded performance. Completely dominated Santos and got the early finish. 4 for 10.
  • Diego Sanchez Vs. Joe Lauzon – This card featured 3 out of my 5 most likable UFC fighter, and 2 were pitted against each other. This fight promised and this fight delivered. I picked Joe for the win, based on his ability to grab limbs and rip them off while Diego’s tendency is to put his limbs in danger. I’d have never picked Joe by TKO on this one. But he did. Any time you want to rematch, UFC. I’m ready. 5 for 11.
  • Sage Northcutt Vs. Enrique Marin – Two guys with more holes in their game than Swiss cheese. It seems to me that UFC wanted to give Sage an “easy” comeback fight. Didn’t work out quite as well as they planned, mostly due to the aforementioned holes. That’s ok though. He’s young and talented. He has time to improve and he does show promise, no doubt. 6 for 12.
  • TJ Dillashaw Vs. Raphael Assuncao – during his forced hiatus due to a broken ankle, Assuncao was barely mentioned, in the midst of TJ Dillashaw’s short reign and Cruz’s eventual recapture of the title. But the fight he gave TJ puts him right back in the mix. TJ’s speed was a problem for Raphael and if he wants to challenge for the title he’ll need to learn how to deal with it because… Dominick Cruz is one of the GOAT. 7 for 13.
  • Johny Hendricks Vs. Kelvin Gastelum – I predicted Kelvin would finish, and he wasn’t very far in the first. Then both big guys lost some steam, Surprisingly more so Hendricks. They are in a jam. Both are small for MW but really heavy for WW. 8 for 14.
  • Cat Zingano Vs. Julianna Pena – Julianna spoke in the post fight presser about her title shot aspirations, and makes quite a good case. I’d say we wait for Holm to fight Shevchenko before we make that fight… a win over Cat is indeed something to boast in, but honestly, this is not the win Pena wanted in order to solidify her claim for a shot. Zingano is tough. She needs more time perhaps. 8 for 15.
  • Cain Velasquez Vs. Travis Browne – Old school Cain came in like a hurricane, showing that monstrous cardio, intensity, wrestling and just beautiful skills that make him in my opinion the best fighter on UFC roster. period. When he’s on, there’s very small margin for chance and Cain made sure to leave it shut. With some additional flair, spinning high kicks and perfect timing in pretty much anything he did, Browne was never in the game. 9 for 16.
  • Jose Aldo Vs. Frankie Edgar – It’s hard to be a Frankie Edgar fan sometimes. People laughed when I said 30-27 Frankie after 3, and that’s ok. These rounds were close and I’m not surprised the judges gave more to Aldo. This is not a controversial judges call. Aldo won. Frankie could have. These two are committed to fighting and now all that’s left to see is whether the one holding the actual belt will grace us with a title defense, as any REAL champion does. 9 for 17.
  • Miesha Tate Vs. Amanda Nunes – Trying to stick with my original order of predictions (hence this fight is here). I’m a big Tate fan. Always have and always will be. It’s very simple and Miesha said so herself. The plan was to pull Amanda into the later rounds and test her resolve. Of course, Nunes foiled the plan by being very accurate and as she mentioned – patient in the first. A really good performance by the Brazilian and a deserving win. Miesha – all class! 9 for 18.
  • Brock Lesnar Vs. Mark Hunt – This was also very simple. It was a matter of who would be able to “do his thing” first. I predicted that Hunt would touch Brock first and the opposite happened. That’s ok. Brock did good. I hope this is a one-off, as I still think Brock has significant holes in his stand up, but what the heck? It’s always fun when he’s around, isn’t it? 9 for 19.
  • Daniel Cormier Vs. Jon Jones – Damn you Jon Jones! I want to believe you. I WANT to believe you’ve simply been stupid enough. How many chances can we give this guy? At this point, I don’t care whether he fights again or not. Just get your shit together man! live longer!
  • Daniel Cormier Vs. Anderson Silva – 2 days notice? For both fighters. I will touch on this topic (respect) once we finish reviewing predictions, but as for the fight itself, it went exactly as I (and millions of others) expected it, except… for the finish. I’ll count this as 10 for 20. Thank god for 200 that brought me just at the .500 mark…
Let’s talk about the common thread in this fight weekend. In my opinion it was – respect.
Starting with the new LW champion, Eddie Alvarez who at the post fight interview, as well as in the post fight presser showed how even at the height of one’s successful run, one can stay humble and respectful to everyone, including his opponent. There wasn’t a lot of trash talk leading to this fight and I like it that way.
Then we have Will Brooks, coming off a less than stellar win over Ross Pearson and calling out Eddie. Not sure whether this showed respect to Eddie or to Will himself…
Of course, we had JJ and Gadelha clashing throughout their TUF season. I feel that Joanna could use some humble pie. She’s a phenomenal fighter, but so is Ronda Rousey. There’s always a bigger fish eventually. Her apology at the end of the fight was sour because it didn’t look sincere. There was simply too much venom in her attitude towards Claudia for that matter of fact “sorry” at the end.
The UFC200 card was also threaded with this over arching theme.
It starts of course with Jon Jones, and I’m not referring to the trash talk. It’s the ridiculous waste of the chance UFC did not have to give him. That in itself shows lack. Jones need to respect himself and clean himself up completely. Not only from banned substances, but from every bad choice he made.
Veterans like Miller and Gomi, Lauzon and Sanchez showed what real MMA fighters are made of. No bullshit. Just come in and work. The majority of fans will appreciate it (more on that later).
Then of course – Daniel Cormier Vs. Anderson Silva. The spider is a legend if there ever was one in UFC. He comes in on 2 days notice and survives a fight against a man, any rational fan has to admit was going to finish him. Silva finally enjoyed the respect he deserves in America.  As for DC. Fans, and especially ones in attendance, seem to forget that this was a 2 days notice for him too… How does one go from preparing to fight Jon Jones to fighting Anderson Silva? DC respects the spider, and as he takes him down, you have to wonder what goes on in his head… it’s a mental game indeed. You have top position on a guy who took a fight on 2 days notice. DO you finish? DO you give him your best shots? Then you get a really disrespectful reporter wondering in the post fight presser whether DC should have changed his game plan because fans boo… are you kidding me? Take this guy’s credentials and hand them to Ariel Helwani.
Miesha Tate is one of the true pioneers of Women MMA. Back when Dana laughed at the idea of women fighting in UFC, Miesha was taking girls down at will. Now she headlines, along with a gay woman fighter, the biggest, baddest card ever. This is the official stamp on the ascension of WMMA. At this point I can say that I’m waiting to watch the ladies fight with somewhat of a greater anticipation than most men. Not because they fight in skimpy outfits. get yer head out of the gutter. Because the ladies rarely disappoint. I’m sure you could bring up the odd exception to the rule, but the ladies bring it every time. Go ahead, check it.
Miesha showed throughout this evening how a true champion behaves. “Tonight is not about me, tonight is about Amanda“. No excuses. She had a game plan and she was caught and unable to recover in time. Simple. Let’s get back to work. Respect.
Whew, that was long.
Here are just a couple of interest links for articles I enjoyed reading following this weekend events:
That’s all folks. Until next time you’re more than welcome to leave me your comments.


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