Welcome back folks,
Last night’s event turned out to be just as advertised. Well, except for the fact that pretty much every fan favorite lost… But we won’t let that get in the way of looking at my predictions, and discuss a few related issues will we?
Let’s dig in.

Ryan Benoit Vs. Ferdy Serrano – First, I’d like to know why ‘Benoit’ is pronounced be-noyt and not Ben-wah like we all know it should be… What can I say? That was such a weird fight. Granted, Benoit took this fight on a 10 days notice and it showed. He pretty much gassed out during the first round. Serrano may be an Olympic level wrestler but he’s still years away from being a real MMA fighter. I don’t mean any disrespect here. He went in the cage and for that alone he deserves respect. But his game is so full of holes, that at his age I simply don’t see them closing fast enough to enable him to do more than fight for fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, mind you. Weird fight… 0 for 1.
Francisco Rivera Vs. Eric Perez – Rivera is a tough dude. I didn’t see him getting finished, but I did see Perez’s speed being a key factor in this fight. It was a fun fight, during which both fighters (more so Rivera) dropped technique and threw hammers on a rope at each other. Still Erik stayed more disciplined and earned the victory. 1 for 2.
Matt Brown Vs. Jake Ellenberger – Let’s all admit it. We wrote Jake off a while ago. Jake was always the wrestler with knock out power who won one then lost the following two. Where as Brown was always the guy who’d find the way to battle through anything and come out on top (more often than not). Yes, I thought Matt had it, and fairly easily so. I hope – for Ellenberger’s sake – that he found the right path, both in training/preparations as well as in the fight. Great work from Jake. As for Brown, he is the one who overcomes and I believe he will again. 1 for 3.
Rose Namajunas Vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz – A mouthful fight to call. No wonder we all fall back on the nick names, The thug started as just that, stalking and implementing her game. Though, even through the first round, every time Karolina threw something, we saw the quality and finesse in the striking. The longer the fight went, and Rose could not bring it to her relative advantage area (read: the ground) it became clear who’ll be winning. I called Rose, because I like her style and believed she could take Karolina down. Did not happen. 1 for 4.
Robbie Lawler Vs. Tyron Woodley – Those of us who remember Lawler/Condit well wouldn’t be surprised. Why did I call Woodley on this? Well, because Condit outstruck Robbie in their fight (and in my opinion should have won) and knowing that Robbie does get hit, it was reasonable to expect Woodley to get a few clean shots. Considering he’s likely the most powerful striker Robbie has met, I thought he had the edge in this fight. Even more so, since we heard Robbie say he’d be more patient. Well, Tyron is a fighter who relies a lot on his explosive attacks. perhaps it would’ve been wiser of Lawler to apply constant pressure on him and believe in his own wrestling skills. 2 for 5.

A few closing comments:

Those money fights – This is another impact Conor made on the UFC. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry wants them money fights and to hell with anyone working hard for a title shot. Excuse me Mr. Woodley, but we’ve patiently waited for you to come out of the corner for your title shot. You won the belt and with it the obligation to defend it. Against whom? Against Georges Saint-Pierre? Well, GSP is still retired last I’ve heard. Against Nick Diaz? Nick hasn’t fought in forever and if my memory serves, his last fight was a loss. And to say what Tyron did about Thompson is simply disrespectful. More than that. It is pure hypocrisy… coming off an answer wherein he listed his long road that lead to him deserving a shot. Conor, Tyron and every novo-champ – defend your belts! Stop this pick and choose BS before this sport becomes a joke. Stephen Thompson, Carlos Condit, Demian Maia, these guys worked hard to earn a shot. Wonder boy’s in the lead. Enough of this money fights. Let Dana and his new bosses decide who gets the shot. And let if be fair.
Not sure what Joanna’s issues are with Karolina Kowalkiewicz. More than likely it’s the hype machine doing its due diligence. But it’s a no-brainer of a fight and Joanna needs to defend against the best available competition.
Horrible prediction rate last night, but I can’t complain. Nor do I want to. It was a really fun night of fights.

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That’s all folks, Until next time,

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