Welcome everyone to this very special post.
As you read this, I’m likely gawking at the views of Guadalajara Mexico. I’m not on vacation. In fact, I may have just put myself in a position where my work load increases. But boy, am I ahead of myself here, so… let’s take a deep breath before saying Adiós to the US of A and Hola! to Mexico.
When the bubble burst and the markets crashed back in 2008, I made a big move. Jumping over the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, I left Israel and moved to the US. It took a while but, by late 2009 I was settled in a nice little neighborhood in Alpharetta Georgia.
Alpharetta. I’m not Italian, but it always sounded like a name of a classic Italian beauty. Well, I can’t deny her of that. She is pretty, even if somewhat photo-shopped. The various Home Owner Associations dictate and the people trim their grass, the shrubbery and the trees in unison. The homes are color coded, nothing extraordinary. Uniformity. Roads and Parking lots are painted black regularly and even golf course grass gets the occasional green spray… Pretty.
Alpharetta. The ultimate suburb (of Atlanta). Where sidewalks are rare (Don’t send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I turned my lamp off beside the golden door). Where MARTA train doesn’t reach all the way from Atlanta (I wonder why…).
Alpharetta. An exclusive club, it seems. One of the whitest places I’ve been to. One of the most privileged. Not a place for the poor. They cannot consume enough.
Alpharetta. A self-imposed prison of sort. Where the people set the speed limits as low as possible and drive even slower. A place where the police never comes out when it rains.
Alpharetta. Where they take out trees, bushes and otherwise wildlife and build a mall, only to put some artificial grass for a “picnic” corner…


I may sound a cynic.

That’s not what I mean by the above. Alpharetta is all that, but it is more. It’s a bubble. A sane little spot inside the beast that is America. Not an indication of the State or the country, but a sample. Like every place, I guess, though this one was mine for a while.
I’ve met beautiful people there. From the US and pretty much from every corner of the world. From Iran to Morocco, Ghana to Nigeria and from India (of course 🙂 ) to Turkey. People from every possible religion or lack thereof. I hope I’ve learned a little from all.

How can one be cynical in light of this?

A Hebrew song said this about London, England – “In London, the desperation became more comfortable” (Trust me, in Hebrew it sounds much better). I’m far, so far from desperation, but considering I left a place that was very unsafe and posed some serious financial challenges, Alpharetta at the very least provided us with some comfort.

Can we ask for much more?

And now on to a new adventure. South of the border, before Trump builds that wall. New place, New language, New job, New… everything. I’m thankful for the opportunities I got. For the chance to experience something new and learn more about this world by living in it.
Thank you Alpharetta and everyone we met there. It’s been a fun ride.
Roger and out,

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