Welcome back one and all to the UFC 202 AfterMMAth.
We will talk a whole bunch about the main event and everything to come out of it, but first let’s take a look at how my predictions panned out (or not):

Tim Means Vs. Salah Homasi – We heard all the ATT praise from Rogan until the fight started. Then it became clear that with all due respect to this very good gym, Means’ technical skills were far superior to Salah’s. Simply beautiful patience, accuracy and movement by Means. 1 for 1.
Hyum Gyu Lim Vs. Mike Perry – I was ready to see Kim using that enormous reach and height to completely nullify Perry’ power and pick up the win. Well, we all saw the opposite… not sure whether to criticize Kim for poorly misusing his advantage, or credit Perry for finding his way in. Either way, it was another great finish on this card. 1 for 2.
Donald Cerrone Vs. Rick Story – I never bet against my favorite fighter, but I admit I was worried, like many others about Story’s body shots and Cowboy’s apparent susceptibility to those. Greg Jackson is not known as the best game planner for no reason. Cerrone started with a TD, continued with technical striking and most of all – executed Jackson’s plan to the dot. Avoid the TD at all cost, body-head combos. And boom. Head-body-head-body kick and that was all she wrote. 2 for 3.
Anthony Johnson Vs. Glover Teixeira – It took me longer to write this sentence than it did for Rumble to finish the fight. But the in ring interview was just as important as the result of this fight. To me, that’s what MMA should be about. Respect. Two guys testing their skills, strengths and endurance before shaking hands and moving on. 3 for 4.
Conor McGregor Vs. Nate Diaz – let’s get this out of the way. Conor won. No controversy here. Hair thin decision yes. But a W for Conor. He came in with the right plan. One that I wish Cerrone would have employed when he fought Nate. It’s clear to me that Mac has no business in 170. Gassed easily, even after a full camp, and a natural WW with good skills would be able to beat him 3 for 5.
This card was also a big win for the fans. Exciting and action packed.
Ok. Let’s talk a little about the main event. The amount of BS Surrounding this fight was ridiculous… at one point in time, Mike Goldberg called this fight “The biggest fight in UFC history“. In terms of the money involved, Ok. Otherwise it’s one of the least important fights ever… what did this fight prove? … that one guy could beat the other? Are there any implications as to either one’s chances to get a belt? Would this change anything rank wise? Nada. Just another fight.
The ridiculousness of that line of security guards inside the octagon was another embarrassing aspect of this fight. All that was missing was Vince Macmahon strutting in with shaving cream for a loser-shaves-head match, and perhaps a run-in by some henchman with a chair… brand much, Dana?
I really hope Conor starts respecting his peers by defending his belt. Otherwise, what separates him from any of the hype trains out there? Good fighter? Absolutely. Very good. Special? So far his record out of his weight class is 1 decision win and 1 submission loss. Let’s see how long he holds on to the title.
That’s all for today folks. See you again before 203 for some predictions, and probably earlier with a non-MMA post.

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