Well hello there,
This place was somewhat silent for a while. It may be a bit slower than you were used to, as my recent move indeed cut into the time I have to write.
That is also why there won’t be too much preamble today. We will get straight to the point. Well, kind of.
I wrote a few words in the past about Conor McGregor and how, although I absolutely love him as a fighter, I still find the way he’s treated – another indication of what’s wrong with the UFC today.
Let me say it again – so there’s no doubt – I am a Conor fan. I love watching him fight. He is charismatic, funny and most of all – a really good Mixed Martial Artist.
Now that we’re all on the same page about the fact that nothing I’m saying here comes from hate, let’s move on.
I found the Reebok deal quite insulting to fighters, I find many comments UFC president Dana white spouts off – quite disrespectful, and I find his favoritism irritating to say the least.
In this last episode, we observe as Mystic-Mac wins the Featherweight belt and immediately goes up to 170 to fight Nate Diaz. I’ve said it before – fun fight, but with absolutely no reason or rhyme. No championship impact for either one. Just fun.
After that little hiatus, one would expect Conor to get back to defending his belt, but no. He must avenge his insignificant loss at 170. So we get a re-do. Ok, still fun. Still zero significance.
Alrighty then. Back to business now? Nope. Wait. Conor still wants to challenge for the LW belt. Ok then. At least now we have a belt on the line.
But what about that FW belt? You know, the one Conor would have won 3 fights ago after 205.
In Featherweight, we have an interim champion – Jose Aldo – who’s waiting for a rematch and an opportunity to regain his title (yeah, I also think he won’t win) is being kept on ice. Fight Max Holloway, they say. Fight Pettis. Why? He’s the number one contender for the FW belt already. Would the same have been asked of another fighter (who’s not waiting for Conor to finish his tour-de-weight-classes)? I doubt it.
As a result, Aldo is reportedly asking to be released from his UFC contract. You know, Aldo, that guy who ruled 145 for forever and 13 seconds. The guy who’s been hailed as top 3 P4P for years and years. That guy who was on top.
But now, UFC has a new king. And to hell with the old one. And anyone else.
The problem is not with Conor. Not really. It’s with the organization that facilitates this kind of bookings.
When I pointed it out, that we may lose a guy like Aldo due to business-first booking, I got some flak, was called naïve and was generally educated about my misunderstanding of the MMA business. That’s ok, I’m not taking it personally. I just brought it up because, for the sake of discussion, I’d like to try to succinctly reply to these accusations.
  • I am not a Dana White fan.
  • I am not a Dana White’s bank account fan.
  • I am not a UFC fan.
  • I am not a business fan.
  • I’m an MMA fan, who watches UFC events because of the fights they feature.
  • I’m an MMA fan who loves fighters for what they bring to the octagon.
In other words – I understand the business side very well. I can appreciate the shrewdness in some of Dana’s moves.

I just don’t care as much.

I care to the extent of wanting the fighters to be rewarded for their hard work. I care to the extent of wanting the promotion to operate.
Do I care if Conor Vs. Alvarez sells more than Conor Vs. Aldo? If the UFC was in dire financial problems, sure. But they’re not, and come on… Conor says it himself – and I agree! He sells fights. He’d sell a fight against a punching bag if necessary.
I know that Dana facilitates Conor’s whims because it’s good for business. That’s why I called these recent bookings business-first.
But as a fan of fighters, and Conor – as big as he is – is only one of many, I want to see hard-working fighters being rewarded for their blood, sweat and tears.
It’s not ONLY a business. It’s ALSO a business.
So yeah, super fights are fun. If they come at the heel of a title defense and before the next – cool beans. If they come at the heel of 2 really insignificant fights – I take an exception with that.
Dana enjoys it when Conor talks about the money he brings. It makes him look good. Indeed, UFC has come a long way from a nearly unknown to an unprecedented level of popularity (mentions in Hollywood movies, books etc.).
I don’t think UFC shows enough respect to the people who brought them all this fame. Conor, Ronda, they’re a part of that, but let us not forget the Anderson Silvas and Jose Aldos and GSPs, and many others, without whom, there would be no UFC for Conor to shine in.
Ok, I didn’t mean it to be a real rant. Just to air some thoughts I’ve been having recently.
All that said – of course I’d be watching UFC205. After all… Cowboy and Miesha are on that card 😉
Before I say goodbye, here’s the link that got this post going: http://www.mmaweekly.com/jose-aldo-asks-for-ufc-release-threatens-to-retire
Leave your comments below.
Until next time,

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