Hello there,
So… Anything interesting happened this weekend?
Again, we will see how my predictions went this past Saturday and then talk about some burning issues. But before we even do that, I just want to present this tweet I posted as a caveat:


Miesha Tate Vs. Raquel Pennington – When Miesha lost the title in her previous fight, the signs were there I guess, but as a fan, I probably chose to ignore them. In hindsight, we could see that the drive that always propelled Miesha upwards was not there. Not all of it. Kudos for Pennington. This does not take anything away from her well earned win. 0 for 1.
Yoel Romero Vs. Chris Weidman – Not quite as I saw this happen (i.e. flying knee) but all the same, I expected Weidman to allow one or two openings and thought that Cheater Yoel would do his best to capitalize. 1 for 2.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk Vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz – JJ started as usual, went to cruise control, then was tagged – for the first time – hard enough to give us pause. A great fight, in which KK was mostly half a step behind, yet not intimidated. 2 for 3.
Tyron Woodley Vs. Stephen Thompson – When I envisioned this fight and all the possible scenarios, I did not see that coming. Thompson showcasing superhuman durability, Woodley willing to stand and trade, the score-card was as anti climatic as it gets. 2 for 4.
Eddie Alvarez Vs. Conor McGregor – BOY was I wrong. Not even close. Not by a long shot. It’s all on me. In my head, Eddie wasn’t as small as he looked, as slow as he looked and… What can I say? Conor delivered big time. Congrats to the one and only dual champ in UFC history! 2 for 5.
After that dismal prediction display (Though, as I said – it was partly wishful thinking), let’s cover a couple of topics that came out of this fantastic card.
  • Who should get the next shot at the MW title?: In my own head there’s just one logical choice – Jacare. Weidman is riding a 2 losses streak, Rockhold was finished by the champ and Yoel cheated in the very fight in which he “beat” Jacare. Next in line? If he wins – Mousasi. My 2 Cents.
  • Miesha Tate is retiring: Miesha is one of the pioneers of women MMA and have climbed all the way to the top of the heap twice – once in Strikeforce and once in UFC – It seems like the wind in her sails died after dethroning Holm and when that happens, the fight business becomes even more dangerous. Miesha is making the right decision and after an illustrious career, it’s time to move on. Thank you Miesha! #TeamTate.
  • About that WW title: The most logical move is an immediate rematch. Thompson certainly didn’t lose. Woodley didn’t lose. Let’s do this again and have ourselves another epic fight. This time as a main event. Maia should be the logical next in line.
  • And the biggest question of them all: Which title will Conor choose to defend? Which one should he? Well, Conor does pretty much what Conor wants, so this whole discussion is strictly theoretical. But if you ask me – I definitely think 155 is the better home for him. Easier (and more importantly – healthier) weight management, A bigger challenge and with all honesty, and all due respect to FW – a list of really fun fights to look forward to.
Thank you all for coming round! All hail king Conor!
See you soon!

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