Hello there,
Once it was announced that the planned main event was cancelled, the interwebs exploded with disses to UFC206 “unimpressive” and “No draw” card. Were these expectations met? We’ll see about that soon enough.
First, Let’s see how my predictions went this past Saturday.


Jordan Mein Vs. Emil Meek – When I picked this fight I thought, on the one hand a fighter returning from a long hiatus and on the other, a hungry prospect making his debut. The stats were there and even if they came from outside the UFC, they meant something. Plus, that beard. The fact that Meek dominated the latter 2 rounds with a cracked/broken rib and his overall “game” attitude won him many fans last night, including me. 1 for 1.
Tim Kennedy Vs. Kelvin Gastelum – As opposed to the first fight, I believed that Kennedy, being the more disciplined mixed martial artist, would come far more prepared than Gastelum. I was dead wrong. Kennedy had a ton of rust and couldn’t hurt Gastelum early, which allowed Kelvin to tee off with great combinations. All downhill from there. Kelvin is a walking example of why we need more weight classes. Imagine how competative and trouble free he could be at say 177… 1 for 2.
Cub Swanson Vs. Dooho Choi – Fight.Of.The.Year.period. I love Cub and picked against him on the grounds of watching Choi wreaking havoc. So happy to have this one wrong. 1 for 3.
Donald Cerrone Vs. Matt Brown – These two were assigned the worst possible task. To perform right after a fight of the year in the making and not look like a let down. Both “fight anyone, anywhere, anytime” guys didn’t disappoint. A very engaging fight with momentum shifting every so often ended with a phenomenal head kick. In a night when a fight like this and a KO like this cannot honestly be chosen for the best of the night… it just puts a seal on a card that was far better than it looked on paper (and it looked pretty damn good there too). 2 for 4.
Max Holloway Vs. Anthony Pettis – A main event that was kind of a victim of the card it headlined, and still delivered. Holloway was just too much for Pettis who got tagged and seemed to have completely shot down, as Max delivered a 15 punches combo to win the interim featherweight belt. 3 for 5.
I’m fine with this 3 out of 5, especially when one of the two I got wrong was a win for Cub Swanson.
  • When you have (leading) candidates for fight of the year and KO of the year, followed up by Cerrone/Brown war and a head kick KO and capped with an impressive finish to win the FW belt, you have to conclude that you witnessed a candidate for best MMA event of the year.
  • I don’t know if Aldo is too much for Holloway or not, but that #JoseWaldo thing was hillarious.
  • Cerrone wants Maia. Cowboy is my favorite fighter, but Maia is too much I feel. Also, I think Maia deserves a title shot very soon. Lawler? Thompson? Dare I say – Condit?… these fights are very interesting for me.
  • Can UFC207 match up? It sure has the potential…
Thank you all for coming round!
See you soon!

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