1. informalderogatory
a male fan, especially one who is obsessive about movies, comic books, or science fiction.
I will add to that definition – obsessive about a fighter.

When you first look at Carlos Condit, outside of the octagon, the last thing you’re likely thinking is – Natural Born Killer. Then you take a look at his record…
30 wins.
15 by way of knock out.
13 by way of submission.
2 by decisions (1 of them to win the UFC interim WW title against the tough Nick Diaz).
Then you understand why the nickname is as appropriate as they come.
Granted, he also has 10 losses (Besides earlier in his career, his losses are to future, past and present champions: GSP, Tyron Woodley, Robbie Lawler*, Johny Hendricks, Jake Shields, Demian Maia)
But you know that I don’t judge fighters based only on how successful they are. I love the ones who are competitive, creative, interesting. Carlos Condit is all of that, and more.

So why don’t the whole world sing his praise? Or know who he is for that matter?


Because Condit was never a big talker. He did his talking with his very skilled limbs inside the cage. For a guy of this caliber, it’s pretty refreshing. The seemingly mandatory boasting of today, by fighters who didn’t really achieve much, makes him stand out as a role model.
We’re talking about a fighter who was the WW champion in two different organizations, mind you. If anyone has bragging rights, he is it.
Training in altitude at Jackson-Wink MMA for pretty much all of his professional career, he may be the face of this quality team (which includes former champs such as Jon Jones, Holly Holm and Alistair Overeem). A long time training partner of Georges St. Pierre, he faced him in a fight that GSP defined the toughest in his career. He was the first one to register a knock down to GSP in 5 years of fairly easy title defenses, and was not far from capitalizing on it.
In January 2016, in what is considered the fight of that year, Carlos took the WW title holder, Robbie Lawler to the brink of defeat (some – including me, think Condit won that fight) but instead of getting a rematch, he was scheduled to fight Demian Maia (In my opinion the best WW today) and lost. Carlos talked about retiring after that fight, though there’s been no official announcement. That keeps me – and all of Condit’s fans – hoping for more.

More what?

Watching a Condit fight is – for MMA – like watching and listening to a symphony. So many instruments, so beautifully in tune. Phenomenal striking abilities, with a very creative execution. The angles and timing of his shots are a thing of beauty. His utilization of fakes (refer to the famous GSP knock down) and movement. Solid takedown defense, but even if he gets taken down – unless you’re MMA’s best BJJ practitioner, Demian Maia – he’s perfectly capable of continuing the onslaught from his back, and attacking with submissions.
Graceful in victory and defeat, I feel like Condit never quite got the respect he deserves. Perhaps it’s my very biased perception. I hope it is. Carlos should definitely get a hall of fame spot for his achievements, his ethics and the joy he brought (and will bring?) to many MMA fans.
Are you a fan of NBK?
What did I leave out?
Would you like to see him fight again? Against whom?

Would you like to share your opinion? Feel free, the stage is yours!

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