a male fan, especially one who is obsessive about movies, comic books, or science fiction.
I will add to that definition – obsessive about a fighter.

Remember when I talked about fighters who have the fight anyone, anywhere, anytime” attitude?  Well, it’s time we talked about the fighter who most likely represents that group more than anyone else.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Cerrone is one of the best, most entertaining and likely most loved fighters who came onboard the UFC from WEC. He started as a Lightweight and recently moved up a weight class to Welterweight, where he strung together 4 straight wins – all by stoppage.
Let’s have a close look at the list of achievements Cerrone has earned the bragging rights to (Credit goes to MMAJunkie for these stats):
  • 34 appearances as of tomorrow night, put Cerrone at the top of the heap, counting UFC and WEC ever, with only legends such as Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva and Mirko Filipovic ahead of him if you count Strikeforce and Pride in these stats.
  • 19 wins in UFC puts the cowboy on par with Georges St. Pierre.
  • 13 stoppage wins place him at #3 in UFC history. 2 more and he stands alone.
  • 18 performance bonuses (given for KO, Submission or fight of the night) makes Cerrone the most decorated fighter in UFC/WEC/Strikeforce and Pride history!

Photo credit: UFC/WME-IMG

By the way, he’s 33 years old which means (definitely with his mentality) he has quite a few more years to fight. Add to that the fact that no one fights as often as Cerrone (last fought only 49 days prior to current event) and we might witness some records in the making, such as would be very difficult to break.
I’m not familiar with a fan who dislikes Cerrone. Some may value him more or less, but to date, I’ve only witnessed generally positive views.


Because Donald Cerrone is hard-working and hard-hitting. He is as game as they come and extremely skilled. Very few holes in his game. And most of all, he is simply fun to watch at work.
Dana White once (or more than once) said that Cowboy doesn’t win the big fights. Doesn’t beat elite fighters. Let’s look at a partial list of his victims: Benson Henderson (former UFC LW champ), Eddie Alvarez (Former UFC LW champ), Jim Miller, Edson Barboza, Jeremy Stephens, Charles Oliveira, Matt Brown, Patrick Cote. The list goes on and on.
True, Cerrone never won the belt (yet), but he is the people’s champion, which is the crown I value the most.
If you don’t know who the cowboy is, I highly recommend watching UFC Fight night, Saturday January 28th at 8:00 PM ET. His opponent, Jorge Masvidal only adds to this awesome fight by being an equally game fighter.

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