So… UFC208 did not turn out to be as great as some other underrated cards in recent times. Not that it wasn’t entertaining – at least to me – it was. It was one of those card where the most significant happening was something that didn’t happen…

But I’m a little ahead of myself.
Let’s see how I did with my picks, then we can talk about what didn’t happen:
Dustin Poirier Vs. Jim Miller – What a fight! Poirier brought the technical strikes and smart defensive grappling, Miller brought the usual heart, power and grit, and they brought it for 15 minutes straight. What a way to open an event. 1 for 1.
Glover Teixeira Vs. Jared Cannonier – I thought age might play a part in this one. Silly me. I was impressed with Cannonier’s recent performances and Glover reminded me that he’s a couple of rungs up the ladder. Easy win. Glover used his superior wrestling skills and experience to do – pretty much – whatever he wanted. It wasn’t fireworks, but it was a good fight. 1 for 2.
Ronaldo Souza Vs. Tim Boetsch – In BJJ there are black belts. Then there are Demian Maia and Ronaldo Souza black belts. What can I say. A Kimura win on a guy as physically strong as Boetsch… and after that he could easily go for a few more rounds. Jacare (my #1 MW contender), who was cheated out of a title shot, should get one A S A P. 2 for 3.
Anderson Silva Vs. Derek Brunson – For the first 3 minutes, Brunson looked like a deer in headlights. Awe-struck (well, I would be too) by the familiarity of the man in front of him. He got looser as the fight progressed and in my opinion did enough to win, but the judges gave it to the Spider and I will never be disappointed by Silva winning a fight. We even got to see some capoeira. 2 for 4.
Holly Holm Vs. Germain de Randamie – Yes, I’m a fan of Holly’s, and yes I suffered what professional keyboard warriors call – a severe case of butt hurt. But even after cooling off, I have to say I scored the fight 3 rounds to Holly, 2 rounds to GDR. And that’s before we talk about that thing that didn’t happen. 2 for 5.
So as far as predicting went? Pathetic…

Significant Strikes:

Ok. Now, let’s talk about that thing that didn’t happen. and I’ll try to do that in the most level-headed and cool way. I think the best way to start is to ask the state of New York – for the love of God – to keep your stupid refs out of our holly octagon! The judges who scored the fights are a whole other can of worms, and they had a hand (or two) in it too.
People give referees like Herb Dean grief… I thought that Steve Mazzagatti had a thing or two to learn. But boy, did that NY ref take the cake…
We tell MMA antagonists that this sport should be allowed in every place (including… NY) because it is regulated and fair, and based on respect… Well, perhaps THE MOST important aspect is that the violence we witness is part of the game. It is allowed DURING the fight.
And not a second after the horn!
Now, we’re all human, sure. In the heat of a fight, yes, a punch could slip – just as the horn sounds. If that happens once… well, tough. Let’s give the fighter a fair warning and move on.
When it happens the second time – this time a fabulous three punch combo, well after the horn was sounded…
Then – pay attention, New York “refs”, this is a learning experience – you take a point away!
Because Germain de Randamie may be a very nice person, who has no intention to cheat, but she – listen carefully New York “refs” – broke the rules of the game. And as much as we hate (or are scared) to make waves in a title fight, as refs – listen carefully New York “refs” – it is your job to make sure that the rules are followed, and to apply the sanctions that come with breaking them.
We can argue about the score until the cows come in. I thought Holly executed a perfect plan (copyrights JacksonWink 2017) and won it. Others have it, just as the judges did, GDR by 1 point. Regardless, Germaine de Randamie should not have won the title. It was unfair, it put a cloud over her (I expect short) reign, and it did a great disservice to MMA acceptance.
Until you learn MMA, New York “refs”, please let the grown ups work. Let the Big Johns, and Herb Deans, and Dan Miragliottas do the grown ups work. You can sit cageside and take some damn notes!
/End Rant

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