Oh boy. It’s been quite some time since UFC ran 2 consecutive PPVs that – how shall we put it – did not go over too well with pretty much anyone. UFC 208 and UFC 209 will not be featured in any MMA awards, but they did teach us a few things.
But before we discuss that,  Let’s see if I also tanked on two consecutive cards
Alistair Overeem Vs. Mark hunt – I had a feeling this week, that the Reem will come out of this one victorious. The fact he did that at the heels of a food poisoning is impressive. Good start for my picks. 1 for 1.
Amanda Cooper  Vs. Cynthia Calvillo – Before we talk about the fight – Cynthia Calvillo works at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant!? Remind me never to be rude to my servers (not that I ever am). Also, someone pay that lady, please. What a beautiful work on the ground. Smooth transitions and slick submission. Oh, and I’m on a roll! 2 for 2.
Rashad Evans Vs. Daniel Kelly – My first reaction was – wow, this guy won HW TUF and LHW UFC titles. Rashad looked so small all of a sudden. The fight itself was alright, and to be honest, I just wanted Rashad to win. You don’t always get what you want. 2 for 3.
Lando Vannata Vs. David Teymur – The best fight of the main card, and I missed it… I didn’t know Teymur. Now I know him. 2 for 4.
Tyron Woodley Vs. Stephen Thompson – This is the lead contender for the worst title fight in history, with no real competitors, and it was both the fighter’s fault. I still disagree with the decision, but really – neither one deserve a belt after this. Thompson kicked the bucket. Tyron… well, we’ll talk about this fight shortly. 2 for 5.
My dismal prediction streak continues, just as UFC’s let down PPVs. I hope we both bounce back right-quick.

Shut up and fight:

It was almost prophetic, Dana White’s media scrum, where he (FINALLY) said he’s tired of the term “money fight” (*cough*Woodley*cough*). Enough is enough.
It was also very symbolic that Georges St Pierre decided to make his return on the eve of this event.
When UFC announced GSP Vs. Bisping, Tyron Woodley didn’t wait more than a second to declare that GSP was ducking him…


Since the Canadian took a long break from competition, there has been one deserving WW champion, and that is Robbie Lawler. Hendricks couldn’t hold on to the belt and Tyron is seriously embarrassing himself and the division. Whining, complaining, and really under-performing as a champ. Makes one wonder if that win over Robbie wasn’t just a fluke.
Here are a few thoughts about Woodley and GSP:
  • GSP haters liked to bash him for not daring enough, being too careful. Tyron calls this being tactical. erm… no. GSP Vs. Koscheck was being tactical. Tyron Vs. Thompson was being scared. Go back to fight stats and check how aggressive GSP was. Check how many strikes thrown, landed. Check how many guards passed. How much time he was pushing the pace in each fight. I’ll wait. Ok, now check Tyron. Yeah, GSP is really scared of you Tyron… Try fighting Georges like you did Thompson and see what happens.
  • The BIG difference between GSP’s title defenses and Tyron’s is that while Georges doesn’t like to get hit in the face, and prefers to avoid that as much as possible, he puts out an offensive in the process. And instead of whining, he owns up to mistakes he makes, then goes to work on fixing them.
  • Tyron – Dana was talking to you. You are NOT Conor McGregor. Not even close. Don’t embarrass yourself with these rants. YOU ARE NOT MONEY. so shut the hell up already and FIGHT!
  • On the flip side – GSP did bring money (not Conor sized, but the biggest for his time). He did beat the who’s and who’s of WW and for the most part – very clearly.
  • The mic dropped.
Mr. Bisping.
You claim that you are bigger, stronger, better, have more fight in you than GSP. You say you’re going to easily beat Georges. Well, you ARE the favorite in this fight – until proven otherwise.
Having said that, you can’t say – without breaking every logic circuit – that GSP picked “the easy fight”…
So long folks,

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