Season 7 just ended and I thought about doing something special for tonight. But before that special something, I wanted to say a few words about a statement/musing/quip that was circling the interwebs during this last season. It even made it all the way to the mother ship of TWD discussion – Talking Dead.
The gist of which is that perhaps, if the story was told up to season 7 through the eyes of Negan and his group of “saviors”, we’d probably be rooting for them against Rick and his folks.

Squeeze me? Baking powder?

What kind of messed up narcotics are you people taking? Are you for realz?
There are fundamental differences between simply shifting point of view, and getting the fans behind a character… It’s not enough to tell the story through the eyes of a character, if that character is a sadistic prick. Granted, played in a masterful fashion by a really likeable actor such as Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but a sadistic prick just the same.
Rick Grimes may act cruel at times, may make really bad choices, but we know what he’s aiming for, where he’s coming from.
But Negan is also just trying to protect his own’.
No, stupid. Negan is trying to use the situation to better Negan. He’d do that (and probably did) before the apocalypse. He’s a selfish, narcissistic, sadistic ass hole. You know, everything that Rick and his group is not.
The bottom line is simple. Reading Mein Kampf doesn’t turn Hitler into the good guy
And now, as promised, a special feature. Here’s a replay of season 7 as you never expected to see:

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