When UFC comes to NY state, you just know some shenanigans are afoot. Thanks again for spoiling a perfectly great co-main event…
Let’s discuss my picks quickly and then talk about a thing or two in general.

Will Brooks Vs. Charles Oliveira – That was a no brainer for me. Of course Brooks is going to dominate and win via a unanimous decision or something. After Oliveira fairly easily submitted him, I guess the joke’s on me and I’m the no brainer… Jeez. 0 for 1.
Thiago Alves Vs. Patrick Cote – Welp… I thought Cote had the power advantage, and seeing as both are good strikers, I kind of gambled on Cote landing first. So Alves hit first and last, and more significantly – harder. Dropping Cote 3 times during the fight, and kudos to him. Cote retiring didn’t completely shock me, but was a surprise. 0 for 2.
Cynthia Calvillo Vs. Pearl Gonzalez – That cheesecake factory waitress is a phenom on the ground! While most of the male population of MMA fandom were busy with Gonzalez’s… breast advantage?… Calvillo took her down at will and did anything she wanted there. I’d like to see her tested next against a quality striker to see how she fares, but so far, she seems like a really good addition to the roster and a promising prospect. 1 for 3.
Chris Weidman Vs. Gegard Mousasi – New York, New York… what have you done? This fight started very well and more so for Weidman, who did better in the first round. Then came the second, which Mousasi started very well with great pace and accurate strikes, just before… trying to take Weidman down… (more on silly ideas later). Then came the “move of the fight”. Two perfectly legal knees which the ref (who wasn’t positioned correctly) mistook for illegal. The fight gets stopped, Mousasi warned, Weidman rested. All hell breaks loose, with Big John telling Mirgliotta that the knees were in fact legal (is this the first time TV was ever used to determine the outcome of a fight?) and a couple of minutes pass before… Mousasi gets a TKO. I predicted Gegard to win, but not like this… 2 for 4.
Daniel Cormier Vs. Anthony Johnson – Really, that’s the easiest pick when all is said and done. DC wins this confrontation 9 times out of 10, and that odd loss is when DC isn’t focused and Rumble catches him flush more than once. Cormier is simply too well-rounded and physically strong for Rumble, and that retirement announcement – while surprising – makes some kind of sense. Since, if he can’t beat DC, he can’t win the belt… Especially – and we’re getting back to silly ideas as promised – when Rumble elects to clinch and try to wrestle with DC… what the hell was that about?… 3 for 5.

Now, that I’ve gone just over 50% in my picks, let me just say this – with all due respect to Mike Goldberg, and that pairing of him and Rogan, I far prefer the current trio, and would even drop Rogan and leave it with Anik and Cruz. Anik grew on me, and the dominator is just awesome when it comes to explaining what is going on, what might go on and why things happen. The vast majority of us MMA fans are not THAT well versed with martial arts we may or may not train in, and there is simply no substitute for that kind of experience (one of the most dominant champions ever – don’t let that Garbrandt fight fool you) and in cage intelligence. Add to that, his very succinct and clear commentary and you can really enjoy an evening of fights, while learning a lesson or two.
After a long drought, come April and May with plenty of MMA, and while I do prediction posts for PPVs only, don’t sleep on any of the upcoming events. That includes the return of Rory MacDonald to the cage (albeit in Bellator) against Paul Semtex Daley.
And I will part with a prayer.
Oh Lord who art in heaven, please make Jon Jones stop acting stupid and let us enjoy his in-ring greatness once more. We miss the champ.

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