Preamble #1: Due to unfortunate, yet really fortunate circumstances (it’s complicated) I wasn’t able to watch UFC 211 in real-time. So I disconnected from all social media outlets until now.
Preamble #2: I didn’t have the time, nor the inclination to add the prediction for the fight that was scheduled in place of Cejudo/Pettis.
Let’s discuss my picks quickly and then see if we can talk about a thing or two in general. No promises.

Henry Cejudo Vs. Sergio Pettis – Scrapped. 0 for 0.
Frankie Edgar Vs. Yair Rodriguez – Edgar is one of the greatest fighters of all times, because he is as close to well-rounded and durable as they come. One of (if not THE) hardest working fighters. That fight was actually a very good lesson for Yair. It let him know where he stands, and what kind of effort (and in which directions) he needs to make. The answer was not “No.” It was “Not yet.” As Frankie wisely put it himself. A bit of wishful thinking on this one. 0 for 1.
Demian Maia Vs. Jorge Masvidal – Demian seemed a little gassed to start things off. Masvidal wasn’t able to make this his style of fight (mostly due to the suffocating style of Maia). Both very ineffective, and after strongly believing Maia is the next champ, I begin to wonder if he still has what it takes in terms of stamina… 1 for 2.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk Vs. Jessica Andrade – Well, I likely had a little too much confidence in Andrade’s power. Not that she can’t knock JJ out – she can – but in order to knock JJ out, one has to… hit JJ. Joanna is likely the female G.O.A.T and on a technical level of striking there’s simply no competition for her. She took the first round (as she normally does) to gauge distance and time Jessica, then proceeded to land a variety of strikes at very high percentage. Andrade didn’t do so bad… she tried to get in and land some combinations, but the answer was… “not today”. Again, some wishful thinking on my part. 2 for 3.
Stipe Miocic Vs. Junior Dos Santos – I really should’ve had more confidence in Stipe. First round finish never crossed my mind, having watched JDS take Cain (my all time HW favorite) to 5 rounds. But there you have it. A guy, who had to beg for a shot at the time, is threatening to become the best HW in MMA history… It’s more than possible. 2 for 4.


And now, a flashback:
And I will part with a prayer.
Oh Lord who art in heaven, please make Jon Jones stop acting stupid and let us enjoy his in-ring greatness once more. We miss the champ.
I wrote that on the last AfterMMAth post, and my prayer just might have been answered. Jon Jones Vs. Daniel Cormier scheduled (again) for UFC214, and I have something to look for.
I will watch the shenanigans in peace and quiet and cross my fingers, hoping Jones doesn’t shoot himself in the foot again. He has a real chance to make the comeback his fans (yours truly included) dream of.

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