I don’t remember where I heard it or from whom. All I remember is agreeing with it. The referenced sentiment is that punk is dead and cannot be revived because, you see, what we called ‘Punk’ is now the norm.

All those rebellious lyrics, subversive messages, they’re mainstream. Every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks them. So, if punk is the norm then what ever can pass for punk?
I remember when the upcoming release of Nirvana’s “In Utero” was announced. I remember the excitement. The talk about it being the heaviest, darkest album the band ever made. I imagined the sound of that album, the topics of Kurt’s lyrics, the videos. In other words, I was hoping the quality won’t disappoint (It didn’t. It surpassed my dreams).
What I didn’t give two fucks about was, how many copies the album would sell. What can I say? I’m “punk” like that.
Another thing I didn’t give 2 fucks about was which song would make top 10 in whatever chart.
I did hope Kurt and his mighty band would keep kicking well-trimmed and manicured America in the proverbial nuts.
UFC must learn a lesson from punk if they want to keep their rights to exist.
The whole business was built on people who loved to fight, fighting for belts, bragging rights and yes, Some cash. There were tournaments, weight classes and the champions defended their belts and tried to establish legacies.
Every once in a while, a pretty long while, fighters attempted to achieve additional goals and two of them succeeded in winning belts in two separate weight classes. For a historic event, UFC 100, we even had a main event super grudge fight.
It was a pretty exciting time.
And why? Because the UFC didn’t try to turn every fight, or even every card to a super card.
Punk has a right to exist, when it kicks normal’s back side. Not when it is normal.
That’s why every time I hear “money fight” I want to puke a little. That’s why whenever a fighter on a legit 8 fight win streak gets passed over for the more “popular” choice, I want to kick Dana in the shin.
I fell in love with MMA, for the most part because it felt different. As far from boxing as could be.
Now, if you read my previous posts on the subject, you’ll see I’m all for paying fighters more. A hell of a lot more. But not like this… Not by cutting the branch the sport is sitting on. Not by making 80% or even 90% of your fighters feel like schmucks.
But how would we sell PPVs? Without the super fights the cards aren’t that exciting.”
First of all, I couldn’t and actually don’t give aforementioned 2 fucks about PPVs sales (at least as long as I’m not getting a cut of said sales). But for the sake of the discussion, and since I admit to liking exciting fight cards just like the next guy, let me just say this:
Perhaps, Instead of paying 2 guys 80% of the loot, ensure respectful minimal pay for all fighters, and make the performance based bonuses much bigger and hand more of them.
That will motivate fighters to put on an exciting fight, while not singling out one or two stars and completely burying so many others.
It may not be the most popular opinion, but we are talking about Punk, and Punk is not popular. It’s cool.

9 thoughts on “Punk Is Dead. Long Live MMA.

  1. My theory is that it will decline again because we video tape everything and adjust the rules to make it ever more safer. As a result we will see the ever same moves again and again. You can still hold your breath for your hero, but you could do the same for any athlete in any sport. Being different will go when it becomes dull.


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