In the beginning there was Cody Vs. TJ and all fans were a’crazed (yes, it’s a thing). Then the MMA Lord said “Let there be not!” and there was not.
On the second day there was Cowboy Vs. Lawler and manginas were wet. Then the MMA Lord said “Let there be not!” and there was not.
On the 11th hour there was Nunes Vs. Shevchenko and everyone in Peru and outside (including significant chunks of Brazil) were excited. Then the MMA Lord… or Nunes… or the doctor… or… god damn it, this card was cursed!
Or was it?
Let’s discuss my picks quickly and then, if I don’t pull out, we’ll do something new and exciting.

For your reference, my picks:

Jim Miller Vs. Anthony Pettis – This is one of those cases where I had to pick against my favorite as a fan. I knew that Pettis is not submitting Miller and Miller is tough enough for Pettis’s power. I had to concede that Pettis is more technical and in more dire need of a win, hence the pick. 1 for 1.
Alistair Overeem Vs. Fabricio Werdum – No excuses, I should’ve seen that one coming. With Overeem improved game, the likelihood of Werdum bringing this to the ground (and getting top position) was really low. I’ll chalk this up for momentary lapse of reason and take it like a man (oh Gawd!!! I missed this!!! Wahhhhh!). 1 for 2.
Curtis Blaydes vs Daniel Omielanczuk – Every event is entitled one horrible fight. The less is said about this one, the better. 2 for 3.
Robert Whittaker Vs. Yoel Romero – and the MMA Lord said “Let there be no reward for the cheaters!” and there was not! I put all of my picking eggs in one basket – Takedown defense. Whittaker showed a Liddell-esque (that’s also a thing) ability to avoid one of the hardest TDs to defend, while punishing the Cuban offender. Good first round, a bit of a scare in the 2nd, but even though the Aussie’s left leg looked hurt for the better part of 4 rounds, he was able to out-smart and out-strike Romero and frustrate him. My only concern was (not surprisingly) the judges. but they came through and there was justice for all. 3 for 4.
Amanda Nunes Vs. Valentina Shevchenko – Scrapped…

Aaaaand NEW:

  • The fight that entered the main card to replace the main event was bang on. A really good fight to start the main card on the heels of some really strong prelims. Font looked very good, and while I’m going to strongly advise against turning him into Conor overnight, I absolutely loved his versatility and forward movement. (See: Fight of the night).
  • Every card should have a Jim Miller in it. Whether it’s the actual Jim, or Joe Lauzon, or Diego Sanchez. #OldSchool
  • Overeem V3.0 is pretty impressive. There, I said it. I still don’t like the guy, but he found the way to deal with the significant strikes he took from USADA. I still don’t see him getting past Miocic, but who knows what happens in MMA (Miocic might find himself without a belt for whatever freaky reason) and he may still get there.  Very durable and now significantly wiser, the Reem may still be around for quite a while.
  • Robert Whittaker! Got to love this guy. Here’s a guy who doesn’t whine. Comes in to work and actually puts in the work. Doesn’t want to be on his back, so he learned how to defend so many kinds of TD attempts. Guess what, this allows him to dictate where he wants the fight and use his significant power. In a way, pretty similar to Bisping (in that they both defend TDs well and for the most part trade punches) but stronger. Bisping has superior cardio, but I do believe Whittaker can touch him (Like Anderson did, only much harder) and put him down. Get ready for undisputed champion – Robert Whittaker!

Aaaaand STILL:

  • Amanda Nunes Khabib-ed (Yes folks, it’s a thing damn it!) Valentina Shevchenko and you got to be pissed off for the Peruvian striker. I can’t even begin to understand how frustrating it is, to run a full camp, manage and cut weight like a pro, only to have the rug pulled from under your feet. I don’t know the real circumstances that led Nunes to pull out (and no, Dana is not a reliable source for pretty much anything), so I won’t go off about her. I will only play Captain Obvious and ask – what should be done in such cases? It seems like a financial compensation is due, but I don’t think it’s enough when it comes to title fights.
  • Travis Browne wasn’t on the main card, but he managed to piss me off enough to rant. How can a guy LOSE fight intelligence with experience?… Even coach Edmund could’ve told him to move, move, move! I wanted to see him starting a-new but he just doesn’t seem to have what it takes. The UFC heavyweight class is a very small one indeed.
Performance of the night: Normally I’d give this to a nice finish, and there were worthy ones last night. But I choose to give this to Robert Whittaker nullifying Romero’s wrestling with superb defensive work. Watch and learn kids!
Fight of the night: Another Rob. Font Vs. de Andrade was the money fight. Last minute addition war, where the versatile skills of Font won the day against the heart of de Andrade. Nothing like a good scrap to replace a scrapped fight.

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