“Hi everyone, my name is Gil and I’m an addict.”
(Hi Gil)
“It’s been 21 days since the last time…”
“Yeah, you know how it is am I right? It’s about 1 AM, empty beer bottles around you, some chips on the floor, wife and kids long in bed and you’re still riding that high. But about 20 minutes later, you start thinking about the next one, am I right?”
(Amen brother Gil!)
“I mean, you knew that all along, right? But still, that buzz killing realization that you won’t feel this rush again for what, 35 days? There goes that high brothers and sisters… there goes that rush in a heartbeat. You are down to earth… No. You are lower. Buried under a ton of soil, wondering how the hell you’re going to cope.”
“Then you think about work, and kids, and fuck… what is going to scrape you off the bed come Monday morning? I mean sure, some of that after-glow will remain and you’ll reminisce with other junkies. But what then?”
(You got it buddy)
“But the most infuriating thing is, you know that asshole dealer is to blame.”
(Fucking right!)
“He and his buddy go and start-up a new ‘enterprise’ with those old school brutes. You know, the ones who used to shit all over him and his game. And all of a sudden… it’s dry season for over a month! And you? Who gives a shit about you, right?”
“…and yes, I know, you can still score some other product on the back channels and get a little fix, but the primo stuff? Forget about it. It’s gone! Bam. These assholes make money and leave you high and dry… well, dry.”
“So yeah. The wife keeps asking if you’re alright, and you say ‘yes’ and you go to work and get on with your life or whatever… Heck, when was the last time you two actually went out on a Saturday night? When was the last time you just talked? So you talk a little, but eventually you’ll end up talking about that next high and she’s an understanding person. She’ll feel your pain, but she doesn’t need it like you do, right?”
(smiles. Sad ones)
“Anyway, that’s me… I mean, I’m trying right? What more can I do. Guess I’ll watch that damn Mayweather Vs. McGregor shit, I mean fuck… next shot is what, September 2nd? And even that card doesn’t look stellar, and now JDS got popped for whatever so 215 lost one… hell, I’ll watch it. I’ll watch the shit out of it. Fuck you Dana. That’s all”
(We love you Gil)
“Now if you all join me in a little prayer”
(All rise)
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

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