Be A Party Pooper!

Welcome back one and all.

I think it’s about time we open something up for discussion. It’s a little nagging (mis)behavior that quite frankly gets on my nerve. It might be the most irritating when it manifests over the internet, but it most definitely isn’t limited to the confines of cyber space. We witness it on a daily basis on TV, in the papers and in our own water fountain chats. Continue reading

About One Punch and Combinations In Films

Welcome folks for another quick post, as my mind is spread thin between work, back to school adjustments and of course plotting a book.

Last night, I needed a distraction and found it in a movie which I will leave unnamed as I don’t want to be a Negative Nelly… it was so bad that I just had to follow through the pointlessness until the very unsatisfying end just to figure out if a movie could actually be so bad… It can. The only detail I’ll give you is that it was – supposedly – about boxing. Continue reading

Anti Social

Welcome back everybody,

A short-ish post this week, after last week’s long-winded discussion.

I used to consider myself a socialist. Used to. Past tense. That was up to a few years ago and for the right reasons. I thought it was the best system available when you consider the piggishness, aggressiveness and chauvinism of capitalism as well as the inherent flaws of communism (namely the fact that we’re talking about a human society). Continue reading

Dr. Cape-Cod or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Great White Shark

Hi everyone,

Long time again, and all I can tell you is… I’m plotting. Yes, I’m conspiring to write a new book, while the all-but-finished one is looking for publication. That takes up a lot of the little free time I have, hence, a little slowness on this here blog. Continue reading

Reality Bites

Hello there fellow web-surfers,

Sometimes I cannot stop the stream of ideas that jump at me every waking moment (and a little during sleep) and sometimes… well, sometimes I can stare at the wall and wonder how uninspiring life can be. Such is this week. A lot happens all over the world that I can certainly write a few words about, but I’ll be damned if I care to. I did actually write THIS, but other than that I find it quite boring to be honest. All the drama around this or that. So much drama. Continue reading

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Of Democracy And Rights)

Welcome back, Ladies, Gents of all genders and orientations.

In today’s post I will do my utmost best not to piss everyone off too much… I urge you to read through to the end before you form an opinion, as some of this may sound bad. It may sound bad due to years of conflicting and maliciously false messages, so let’s take a deep breath and dive in. Continue reading