The Agentic State Is Stable

Hi everybody,

Welcome back. I am still feeling the tail-end of whatever the hell it was that sidelined me for a while now. During one of my numerous sleepless nights of late, I watched a film called “Experimenter” that was just added to Netflix. Continue reading

Time Management, Efficiency And The Big Picture

Hello world.

It’s no secret that my day job is in IT and have been for over 15 years now. I joined this wondrous and treacherous world about a minute and half before that infamous IT bubble burst, and with it a lot of illusions (Not to say delusions). Continue reading

And The Oscar Goes To… (Post Martin Luther King Day Musings)

Hello everyone,

This past week, we marked Dr. King’s birthday and had time to reflect on things. Perhaps by chance, perhaps otherwise, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith started their Oscar boycott for lack of African-American nominees. Continue reading

A Doctor We Can All Afford

Hi there, how are ya?

This week was my annual “Flu week“. Every year I have one, where my nose is shut and “Energy” becomes a foreign term. My mom, in her wisdom used to tell me that to get over a flu, it takes a week with medication, or seven days without. You should listen to your moms is all I’m saying. Continue reading

The Big Short (The Farce Awakens)

Hey there folks,

Hope everyone is just A-OK.

A friend recommended I’d watch “The Big Short” and for once, I didn’t wait long and just went ahead and watched it. I’m not about to write a review of the movie, though I would recommend you all get to see it. Steve Carell with a phenomenal dramatic performance (though not devoid of comic precision) will blow you away. Guaranteed. And if you hang on until the end, You may notice a hint of “Gru” in a speech his character makes. Continue reading

Enlightenment Can Be Found In The Darkest Places! (Or, What I’ve Learned At The DMV)

Welcome everyone!

This here blog was on a sort of hiatus. One that was forced by a combination of taking a back seat to my day job and a general sense of cynicism that washed over yours truly. Continue reading