About Those Resolutions

Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015, Happy New Year everyone!

I’m here to confess another little tidbit. I’m an amateur guitar player. I’m very serious about being an amateur, I’ve been doing this for close to 30 years now. Never had the time, nor the inclination to become professional about this either. It’s too much practice if we want to get down to it, and quite frankly, I am not one to play for a crowd of any kind, so why bother? So yeah, I can pull off some pretty nice tunes (rhythm guitar, forget solos), but that’s just for me, myself and I. Continue reading

The Matrix and God Are Blowin’ In The Wind

If I asked you to name the first Bob Dylan song that comes to mind, what would it be? Continue reading

It’s right there!

Hello folks, how’s it going?

Today’s post is about answers. But before we get into these, here are a few questions for you.

Do you believe in god? Do you believe in higher power? Do you pray? Do you wish upon a star? Do you hope against hope for some sort of help?

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you anything 🙂 I’m simply asking because the rest of the post will relate to these wishes.

But… Let me recount a couple of stories/jokes some of you may know first. Continue reading