Don’t Lose Your (Inner) Child!

Welcome back! It’s certainly nice of you 🙂

In my previous post I listed 15 reasons not to write, as a way of saying that, though writing is no walk in the park, I still enjoy doing it. A day or two later, I stumbled upon this nice quote from Pablo Picasso:

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

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Energy renewed!

Hello world!

I’m back and with some renewed energy. It has been about a month since I had to almost completely ignore this blog of mine, and I have missed it. Life wasn’t (and indeed ISn’t) boring, as you could see in my previous posts I was away from home, working in Seattle and had to juggle more than one major task. Not to say I am not busy these days… But where I had to do my “day job” during the day as well as the evenings (leaving scarce time to write) I can now at least use the evenings to work on my writing. Continue reading

I was not lazy…

I know that on every given Friday one should be able to find a nice piece of flash fiction on this page. The fact that one could not do so today is not due to lack of motivation. Continue reading

(Temporarily) Out with the old and In with the new

I feel like a character in a book. To be more specific, I feel like a hero on his journey!

How come? well, I look at the past few months and before, and I notice that my own story has some key elements from the “Hero’s journey“. Continue reading

An exercise

The last thing I wrote for the writers group was an exercise I found very interesting, and one that I think might be very beneficial to “beginners” like me. The assignment was to write a conversation with no verbal speech. I took the advice of writing as an observer, rather than “participating” in that conversation, and I’d like to share the result with you here: Continue reading