You get a 100!

Woo Hoo! This makes it a hundred “Hellos” and “Welcomes” to my humble virtuabode 🙂

Huzzah! It's the 100th post! Continue reading


Don’t you hate commercials? Why can’t someone watch an uninterrupted TV show from start to end? Well, someone has to make money, that’s the current consensus I guess. They buy “air time” (They buy air? hmm… did they watch Sesame street?) and that pays for the cost of broadcasting what passes these days for “content”. O   k    then… Continue reading

And so the story goes (forward)

Welcome one and all, back to my corner of the web. You haven’t heard much from me because when I wasn’t working my day job (over 4th of July among other landmark dates…), I was plotting! Yes, you heard right. Continue reading

Back to the drawing board. Don’t be scared.

Welcome back one and all. The title might be a little misleading but hang in there. I promise no politics, no music and no religion for a change 🙂 Continue reading

Tell the real story

Welcome back!

So this week I was busy with work and life and when I had some time I was preoccupied with (forgive me) politics… There were some political developments I didn’t like so against my own advice, I had to go and argue with anonymous people on Facebook… But that gave me a little inspiration for today’s post (I wish it was for my novel though… although the message that I’ll try to pass is relevant.) Continue reading

…but am I a REAL writer?

Welcome back to this corner of the web. I hope that the recent layout changes didn’t catch you by surprise. I like to do that every once in a while and I like this new layout in that it is a bit more… concise? Yeah, I’ll use that word. and now to the topic of this post. Continue reading

The Lonely Writer?

When you think about a writer, what picture do you have in your mind? An old man with a pipe sitting in a room by himself in front of an old type writer? Or perhaps it’s a woman sitting at an elegant table with a white MAC and a cup of coffee and typing her (hopefully) next best seller. Continue reading