Money Talks (Fighter’s pay, or lack there of)

Hello everyone and welcome back,
It’s been a while, I know. I have a very good reason too. I will elaborate soon with a relevant post, but for now suffice to say – I’m writing.
While my creative juices are running, I take some methodical brakes to check what’s going on in the outside world and what I see there these past couple of weeks is the motivation for this post, namely, the increase in conversation regarding fighters pay.

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Anti Social

Welcome back everybody,

A short-ish post this week, after last week’s long-winded discussion.

I used to consider myself a socialist. Used to. Past tense. That was up to a few years ago and for the right reasons. I thought it was the best system available when you consider the piggishness, aggressiveness and chauvinism of capitalism as well as the inherent flaws of communism (namely the fact that we’re talking about a human society). Continue reading


Hello everyone and welcome back to this first post of 2015 (kind of).

In the past few days/weeks, a video is circulating in Facebook. A tidbit from Jon Stewart’s show that highlights a little story about Salt Lake city in Utah. Go ahead, watch it right here. It’s no problem. I’ll wait. Continue reading