The state of the union – 5/31/2011

I know it’s quite a pretentious title for a simple update post but it sure feels good and that’s what I’m all about here. Feeling good.

I am joining some new and interesting forums, groups and with every new one, new insights are visible. Pink Floyd might have referred to that with “The Wall“, although I guess it could apply to so many other things. For me, it is the shedding of layers from over my eyes and seeing everything there is to see. Continue reading

Why start a blog?

After starting my first blog, I stopped and thought to myself “Why start a blog?”

I know. It’s a little funny (read: strange) that I had to start one before I had a clear purpose. But then again, the first one is kind of spiritual outlet. People might read that one and think I fell on my head and finally lost it.

This blog has a real target – To document my road from a writer-wannabe to a published writer.
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