Adiós Alpharetta (Life Inside A Bubble)

Welcome everyone to this very special post.
As you read this, I’m likely gawking at the views of Guadalajara Mexico. I’m not on vacation. In fact, I may have just put myself in a position where my work load increases. But boy, am I ahead of myself here, so… let’s take a deep breath before saying Adiós to the US of A and Hola! to Mexico.
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The road from Mississippi to Jurassic Park (Are we making progress?)

Hello everyone and welcome back.

I’ve been a busy little blog-person these past couple of weeks, with work, sickness and travel being in the way of updating this here site. But during this time I’ve had time – short as it was – to do some thinking (Note to self: do a lot more of that). Travelling from Georgia through Alabama, Mississippi and showing my face in Louisiana, it took me away from all things high-tech. I don’t use my cell phone while I drive. We camped in a no-cellular-reception farm in Carriere MS. I left my laptop home. You could say I traveled back in time. Not so long back, mind you. What I’m describing here were perfectly normal conditions just twenty years ago. Dear God, how far we’ve come… Continue reading