The Beautiful Game

Alright America (and that includes you too, Canada),
Your condescending of soccer is getting slightly tiresome… Now I know you’re proud of your sports and that’s just dandy. But why won’t you just give shitting on ours a rest, huh? Continue reading

Ode to Sens

Hi all and welcome yet again to my humble hub.
As you know, I’m a hockey fan and my team was, is and always will be the Ottawa Senators.
Well, a true fan is measured not in success but in hard times. And hard times were here this season.
So, to summarize this on the light side (because it beats the hell of the alternative – it’s a shut-out!) I give you this Ode to Sens:

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A December to remember (Alfie’s comin’ to town!)

Hi all and welcome back. I would love to sit around and tell you how hard I work and how sick I was. However, there are pressing matters to discuss, so we’ll table this discussion for when someone cares.

I have a question for you all – What can a player do, when he? Continue reading

Go Sens Go!

Hello everyone and welcome back. In between UFC167 posts, I thought I’d chime in on the start of Hockey season.

In 2001 I moved to Ottawa, Canada from Israel. Naturally, one of the first things I had to familiarize myself with was Hockey. After all, it’s only the capital of Hockey country 🙂 Fortunately enough for me, the first event I attended on behalf of my company was a fund-raiser at the Corel Centre (Now Canadian Tire Centre) where I met coach Jacques Martin, Goalie Patrick Lalime, and two guys called Wade Redden and Daniel Alfredsson. Continue reading