Reality Bites

Hello there fellow web-surfers,

Sometimes I cannot stop the stream of ideas that jump at me every waking moment (and a little during sleep) and sometimes… well, sometimes I can stare at the wall and wonder how uninspiring life can be. Such is this week. A lot happens all over the world that I can certainly write a few words about, but I’ll be damned if I care to. I did actually write THIS, but other than that I find it quite boring to be honest. All the drama around this or that. So much drama. Continue reading

Aches and Pains aside, I got a new idea…

This weekend was one of great accomplishments, albeit not on the literary field. Yours truly, not a man known for his love of physical labor, has committed himself to some back-breaking tasks. Continue reading

Distractions or new developments?

Ok, so I feel good about putting up a nice (I think so) short story out there for people to read (Did you notice the nice plug? ;)). But in the last few days I spotted a strange happening. Continue reading