2014 – revisited

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year everyone! Hope you ring in the year on a positive note. Just do me a favor and be safe!

I wanted to take this opportunity and look at what we talked about here in 2014. But unlike the standard-issue photo collage that Facebook randomly generates, I wanted it to be more reflective. More meaningful. So… for that purpose, I picked a post from each month, and put it here for you (There are more, don’t believe me? look for yourself!). I hope you enjoyed reading almost as much as I did writing it 🙂 So with no further delay, here we go: (Each photo is a link to a post) Continue reading

Finally. Love. Defined.

Hello boys and girls, Ladies and Gentlemen.

How many times did you think about that question – what is love? What does it mean? How do I know she loves me? Well, fret not. Dr. Gil’s here to answer this question once and for all. And I’m not even going to give you a long-winded, vague, new age explanation that would leave you feeling like an idiot at the end. Continue reading

When the cannons roar some people aren’t silenced

Welcome all.

Today, a midst the darkness that descends on the middle east yet again, while the spirits are low and the nerves are irritated, I wanted to share a few small, but significant rays of light.

It’s very easy to despair. It’s very cozy when you’re entrenched in traditional paradigms. Continue reading

Better than a thousand hollow words

Welcome back folks. It’s nice of you to drop by again.

Today, I want to share a conversation with you. Just a normal Q&A, back and forth, chitchat between two people.

One of them is me. The other one, we will call M.I.F for reasons which will become apparent as you read. Continue reading

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

Welcome back for today’s off topic post 🙂

Today being New Years Eve according to the Hebrew calendar, I would like to share a couple of words with regards to its significance and the way I personally look at it. Continue reading