Anti Social

Welcome back everybody,

A short-ish post this week, after last week’s long-winded discussion.

I used to consider myself a socialist. Used to. Past tense. That was up to a few years ago and for the right reasons. I thought it was the best system available when you consider the piggishness, aggressiveness and chauvinism of capitalism as well as the inherent flaws of communism (namely the fact that we’re talking about a human society). Continue reading

When the cannons roar some people aren’t silenced

Welcome all.

Today, a midst the darkness that descends on the middle east yet again, while the spirits are low and the nerves are irritated, I wanted to share a few small, but significant rays of light.

It’s very easy to despair. It’s very cozy when you’re entrenched in traditional paradigms. Continue reading

Better than a thousand hollow words

Welcome back folks. It’s nice of you to drop by again.

Today, I want to share a conversation with you. Just a normal Q&A, back and forth, chitchat between two people.

One of them is me. The other one, we will call M.I.F for reasons which will become apparent as you read. Continue reading

Save lives, Don’t Shoot!

Hello everyone and welcome to the dot-com.

As of today, we’re still awaiting the verdict with regards to Syria, the possible attack and what it all means for the rest of the middle east and as it stands, the rest of the world. Continue reading


On June 24th, 2011 I posted THIS ENTRY. It was an open letter to Benyamin Netanyahu, the PM of Israel. I asked/demanded/begged him to do his job and BRING GILAD SHALIT HOME!. Continue reading