Two Faces Of The Same Coin

Welcome back folks,

Hope you’re well on your way to get all your holiday shopping done (cause God knows it ain’t about the holiday anymore…). If you got a minute, I’d like to let you in on a little (not very secretive) secret. Continue reading

About One Punch and Combinations In Films

Welcome folks for another quick post, as my mind is spread thin between work, back to school adjustments and of course plotting a book.

Last night, I needed a distraction and found it in a movie which I will leave unnamed as I don’t want to be a Negative Nelly… it was so bad that I just had to follow through the pointlessness until the very unsatisfying end just to figure out if a movie could actually be so bad… It can. The only detail I’ll give you is that it was – supposedly – about boxing. Continue reading

Springsteen & I

Welcome back to another random musings post, or perhaps not so random?…

By now you know I write, I love MMA and Dave Grohl is the coolest man in rock. I think it’s time I share my first love with you all. Yes, I said love. Because it was love at first sight. The serious face on that double album on my brother’s records shelf and that long and difficult to pronounce name. That was the reason I believe, or the main one anyway, for me being here. How come? It might require a post (or a series of them) to explain the chain reaction, but in a pretty straight forward line it goes something like this: Continue reading