UFC 205 AfterMMAth (All Hail King Conor)

Hello there,
So… Anything interesting happened this weekend?
Again, we will see how my predictions went this past Saturday and then talk about some burning issues. But before we even do that, I just want to present this tweet I posted as a caveat:

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UFC 205 – Predictions

New York City, Biggest, Deepest, Richest card in UFC history. What else can we say about this epic event? May the MMA gods grant us with a night that delivers on a HUGE promise! Now let’s get to picking!
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Bowling for Bawlmer

Hello all and welcome back. Today, a little thought I had. And at the end, perhaps it could be put to good use in writing. We shall see…
I (as was sufficiently documented on this here blog) am a binge TV viewer, as in – don’t have cables, watch everything on Netflix/Amazon etc. – and as one, I’m pretty much always on “catch up mode” with the rest of the western society. Sometimes, the catch up would be on some pretty recently finished show (as was the case with say… “Breaking Bad“) and sometimes a long overdue TV-fest (Such as “The Sopranos” or Dexter).

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