Welcome back everyone. Hope all is well. Well, at least on a personal level.
It seems like not much else is well in the world. People are dying and fighting and arguing. Protests and counter protests, fueled by hate and anger. Everyone is right, and everyone is wrong, and everyone’s to blame and to pay the price.

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Stream Of Unconsciousness

I don’t know about you folks, but my mind (as is many other’s in my vicinity) is full of war and peace. Much of the first, and frustratingly less of the latter. When the cannons roar, the muse may be silent, but the stream of consciousness is making our brains ache. So, instead of trying to eloquently put together a coherent post, I decided to let you into my head for a few minutes. I hope you’re strong enough to find the way out, because… well it’s my head.

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When the cannons roar some people aren’t silenced

Welcome all.

Today, a midst the darkness that descends on the middle east yet again, while the spirits are low and the nerves are irritated, I wanted to share a few small, but significant rays of light.

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Better than a thousand hollow words

Welcome back folks. It’s nice of you to drop by again.

Today, I want to share a conversation with you. Just a normal Q&A, back and forth, chitchat between two people.

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Between the lines of peace

Hi all and welcome back to my humble site.

You know, being an Israeli in the US, I repeatedly find myself functioning as an unofficial ambassador. I’m not sure that the Prime Minister would approve of everything that I say. In fact, I’m pretty darn sure he’d fire me at once. Continue reading