Fixing MMA – Part Four

The name of this post should tell you that there are three more parts. Links to all can be found at the end of this post.

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Fanboy Slim: Georges St. Pierre (25-2-0)

1. informalderogatory
a male fan, especially one who is obsessive about movies, comic books, or science fiction.
I will add to that definition – obsessive about a fighter.
In this series of posts, I will reveal (not that it’s a big secret to whoever scans my twitter or facebook feeds) who are my favorite fighters of all time. I do not hate any fighter. I respect them all and like most. But there are those who I’m just… well a fanboy of.
There’s no denying, GSP is, was and likely will be my all-time favorite fighter. He is also arguably the best MMA fighter of all times. This latter statement is forever challenged by people who dislike his style and I’m fine with that. To each his own.

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GSP holds the record for WW title defenses, has only 2 losses, which he decidedly avenged, has fought a long list of the best WWs available, including previous champions in multiple organizations, and retired (semi?) holding a belt. Since recapturing the title, he lost perhaps a handful of rounds in the ensuing 9 fights.
GSP’s fights, following his decimation of Matt Serra to win back the belt, were quite predictable. As a fanboy, that didn’t comfort me until I heard Bruce Buffer say “And Still”. They were predictable not in the sense that you knew exactly what to expect. After all, he did outstrike and beat down strikers, outwrestled and controlled wrestlers and generally did everything his opponents said he couldn’t leading up to their inevitable defeat.
St. Pierre is not an “old school” MMA fighter, nor can he be considered part of what we like to call “New breed” (e.g. Rory MacDonald, Conor McGregor and others), but I do consider him a pioneer and an inspiration to this new breed of fighters. Those who may not be THE best at a specific discipline, but are simply very good in all of them. Being well rounded is an insurance plan, and GSP was admittedly safe. He was criticized for that, but as promised, I say it again – it is a sport. A career that ends at an age when a second one can (and should) begin. There really is no need to get hit in the face if you can – not…
GSP sets the bar when it comes to respect for the sport, his opponents, the fans. He sets the bar for consistency and success. He sets the bar for being a professional fighter and he is one of the best ambassadors for the sport of MMA.
If you want to have a blueprint of how to be a healthy (for the most part), well rounded, successful and respected practitioner of martial arts, Georges St. Pierre drew it. It could be expanded upon, elaborated and painted in many colors. But as a foundation, you will not find a stronger one than that of GSP.
Are you a fan of GSP? A fanboy? 
What do you like about him? 
What would you have wanted to be different? And why?

Stay tuned as more MMA legends take the stage.

UFC 203 AfterMMAth (Class Is Dismissed)

Welcome boys and girls, Class is in session. Please lend me your eyes and your ears (well, your eyes at least). This here AftreMMAth post comes at the heels of UFC203 that took place last Saturday in Cleveland, Ohio. Continue reading

UFC 203 – Predictions

Hello hello!
Gotta rush this one. Time is money. Money is food. Food is life. Life is… Life… is… Hmm… This is something that requires a whole new blog.
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UFC 200 AfterMMath (Respect)

Welcome back,
It’s somewhat symbolic that this UFC 200 AfterMMAth post comes out on the 5th anniversary of the first centennial event – UFC 100. We’ve talked about the comparison between the two before the final card of 200 took final shape. It was, and still is an unfair comparison but it is interesting that on 200 we had a few UFC100 returns, Brock Lesnar being the obvious. But let’s not forget Jim Miller who fought in 100 and the fight that never happened, featured Jon Jones, another UFC100 card member.
This post will cover three events (and a whole lot of predictions) so excuse me if I breeze through a few to concentrate on the more important ones in the bigger scheme of things.

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UFC 200 (and more) prediction extravaganza!!!

Hello everyone and welcome back to this here website.
What a week! Starting with some 4th of July fireworks and only escalating from there, culminating in a fight weekend to be remembered. This post will be long enough, just predicting three separate events (UFC 200 including all prelims) so excuse me if I save on preamble.
Still, UFC200 is this Saturday and I can’t not say something about it, now can I?

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UFC 199 – Predictions

Hi everybody!
Just before UFC 198, I was very busy. Too busy to do a prediction post… But AS PROMISED, I made some time to predict an event that – even after losing its original title challenger – looks absolutely great on paper, and is likely to prove just as good as it looks!
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