Adiós Alpharetta (Life Inside A Bubble)

Welcome everyone to this very special post.
As you read this, I’m likely gawking at the views of Guadalajara Mexico. I’m not on vacation. In fact, I may have just put myself in a position where my work load increases. But boy, am I ahead of myself here, so… let’s take a deep breath before saying Adiós to the US of A and Hola! to Mexico.
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Of Democracy And Rights)

Welcome back, Ladies, Gents of all genders and orientations.

In today’s post I will do my utmost best not to piss everyone off too much… I urge you to read through to the end before you form an opinion, as some of this may sound bad. It may sound bad due to years of conflicting and maliciously false messages, so let’s take a deep breath and dive in. Continue reading

The American Dream V2.0


Why the high drama?

Because we’re here to talk about shiny, flashy, glittery matters. We’re here to talk about the evolution of the American dream. We’re here to talk about the new way of living. About consumerism and narcissism. About capitalism and other isms.

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