A few words about SELF-publishing

You would notice that the title has the word “self” capitalized. I hope you wonder why, cause that would be my “hook” :). This post, as you might have so intelligently concluded is – Self publishing. Now a lot has been said about this topic, and I will happily share some of the more intelligent words that were posted about the subject. Continue reading

Energy renewed!

Hello world!

I’m back and with some renewed energy. It has been about a month since I had to almost completely ignore this blog of mine, and I have missed it. Life wasn’t (and indeed ISn’t) boring, as you could see in my previous posts I was away from home, working in Seattle and had to juggle more than one major task. Not to say I am not busy these days… But where I had to do my “day job” during the day as well as the evenings (leaving scarce time to write) I can now at least use the evenings to work on my writing. Continue reading