The Future Is Here (Senators Appreciation night)

Welcome Sens fans, Hockey fans, Sports fans, people who like a story of redemption and last-minute thrillers!

Yes sir, the Sens have done it! being 14 points out of the last NHL playoff spot and at one point having 2% (TWO PERCENT) chances of making it, they went for it and in game #82 of regular season – secured a playoff spot. Continue reading

Ode to Sens

Hi all and welcome yet again to my humble hub.
As you know, I’m a hockey fan and my team was, is and always will be the Ottawa Senators.
Well, a true fan is measured not in success but in hard times. And hard times were here this season.
So, to summarize this on the light side (because it beats the hell of the alternative – it’s a shut-out!) I give you this Ode to Sens:

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